Five Ways to Be Irresistible to Men

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Five Ways to Be Irresistible to Men

Amazing, mysterious, unforgettable… Smart, intelligent, elegant, sensual… These are just a few of the qualities that every seductress possesses.

What is a seductress? How do women seduce? How do they become irresistible and unforgettable?

According to research, here are the things that make women irresistible to men:

    • Your smile. Men dislike unhappy women, regardless of the way these women look. If you want to catch a man’s attention, try to look happy. Tease him. Be charming. The most crucial component of a beautiful smile is your teeth. Keep them white! Maintain your teeth—even if they’re not perfectly straight. Smile more to become more attractive and more magnetic.
    • Your posture and your walk. Men share they love women with good postures and a cat-like walk. Stand up straight!
    • Your gaze. Men notice a woman’s gaze. Men like big eyes, as this facial feature elicits a need to protect and care for that woman. Men don’t like women who put on too much makeup; they prefer very natural makeup—such as some lipstick and eyeshadow. Men also like it when women express their feelings through their gaze—they like women who know when to look shy, and when to gaze into a man’s eyes, like a confident seductress.

  • Your voice. A woman’s voice, especially when it is low and raspy, can be very seductive, especially if a woman is whispering in a man’s ear. Of course, not all of us are gifted with a low, raspy voice. However, we can train ourselves to speak with a lower and more tender tone.
  • Your color is red. Women who wear red are automatically seen as more sensual and attractive. Red lipstick, red coat, red lingerie… men love anything in red! The University of Manchester found men look at a woman’s lips—if they’re colored with red lipstick—for seven years.

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