10 Ways to Make Men Fulfil Your Desires

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10 Ways to Make Men Fulfil Your Desires

There are some women who just get everything they want from their partners—and from men in general. Men give them things with pleasure. Of course, there are other women who never receive anything—not even a single red rose.

What are the secrets of “real” women?

    • Have faith in yourself. That may be the hardest step. If you manage to do this successfully, you’ll have gone 90% of the way. You deserve to be happy. You deserve men to care for you. You deserve others to appreciate you.
    • Have faith in your partner. Your partner is a lot stronger than you think. Trust him. Believe he knows what he’s doing. Allow him to thrive—to save you and conquer the world. Have faith in him, even if he doesn’t have faith in himself.
    • Employ a kind tone of voice. Men hate screaming. They don’t ever hear the words of a screaming woman. Chirp like a bird. Speak softly, calmly, tenderly. Give him time to consider your wish. Beg! Won’t demand!
    • Start fulfilling your desires on your own. Do what you want. Fulfill your own desires and enter a better, higher vibration. Trust that he will do all he can to fulfil your desires, as that’s what you’re used to.
    • Do what matters to your partner. We should give pleasure and joy. Do what your partner loves! Cook his favourite meal. Attend a soccer game with him. Find a way to satisfy him. That will make him wish to give back.
    • Praise your partner. Praise your partner especially when he does what you ask of him. Emphasize his strengths.

  • Allow your partner to feel like a hero. Show him how he can be of help. Ask him to fix the car or reach for the snack on the highest shelf. Show him you need him.
  • The rule of the three is “Yeses.” When someone says “yes” twice, they will say “yes” the third time as well. Therefore, ask questions that you know your partner will say “yes” to. Do you like soccer? Last night was amazing, right? Do you want me to cook this?
  • Formulate your pleas in a positive manner. Can you please wash the dishes? Don’t say: can you please not leave dirty dishes in the sink. Use only positively formulated pleas.
  • The rule of “yes.” Will we go to the cinema now or will we go in an hour? If you pose a question in that manner, your partner will have to say “yes!” Men are far simpler than women think. All you need to do is learn how to act around them.

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