Ten Signs you are Immature

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Ten Signs you are Immature

Many women whine about a common change that occurs in their relationships. At first, they say, their men are charming, chivalrous, caring. Women think they’ve finally found the one! Soon after, however, they realize they’ve been wrong. The chemistry disappears, and so do all the good things their partners did. They simply vanish into thin air! Their me are no longer as caring or considerate; they don’t care anymore!

Why does this happen? My dearest girls, you should know that men who are in love do everything they can to make their women HAPPY. However, if a man realizes that his woman cannot be satisfied, and is unable to become happy, he loses interest.

Despite your partner’s actions or his fruitless attempts to make you happy, you will never be happy if you are IMMATURE. In fact, you may be so immature you do not even realize your immaturity!

Here are ten signs that you are immature:

    • You cannot express your desires, and you expect your partner to read your mind.
    • You resort to insults, guilt-tripping, and tears to manipulate your man.
    • You manipulate your partner through sex.
    • You become emotionally dependent on your partner.

  • You do not know what you want.
  • You are unable to compromise.
  • You do not take responsibility for your actions, always playing the victim.
  • You are afraid of loneliness.
  • You are unable to forgive.
  • You expect things to go as you want them to. You need to control the situation, and you become dissatisfied and irritable when you are unable to do so. You use phrases like: “Will you ever do something right?” or “This is not how it should be done!”

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