Six Traits of High-Value Men

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Six Traits of High-Value Men

Breakups and divorces often occur due to one simple reason: we fail to understand our partner and cannot determine if he is right for us or not. How can you determine if the man you’re dating is the right man for you?

Here are six traits every high-value man possesses:

    • High-value men seek beauty beyond the physical. What sort of compliments does your man give you? Are they all about your body? If yes, that is a problem. He is clearly focusing on your body rather than your character. This means he’s here for sex. High-value men appreciate a woman’s character, especially her intelligence and good-heartedness.
    • High-value men like women who have goals. High-value men have goals, and they, therefore, wish to marry women who share similar goals. High-value men are not intimidated by a woman who knows what she wants and is going after it. Just the opposite! High-value men seek partners who can be their equals. Beware of men who stop you from pursuing your dreams!
    • High-value men are respectful. You can learn a lot about a person by seeing them interact with children, women, and animals. High-value men always treat others with respect. They never impose their will or drive you to do things you do not feel comfortable with.
    • High-value men strive to make their partners happy. Immature men only want sex and use women for expedient pleasure. High-value men, on the other hand, do everything they can to satisfy you inside and outside the bedroom. They view their partner’s happiness as their responsibility and, consequently, reward.

  • High-value men have interests and hobbies. High-value men prioritize their women, but they also have interests and hobbies other than their romantic relationships. They have their own dreams and friends! Unlike them, low-value men “glue” themselves to you, adjusting their life to yours – which, by the way, is a red flag!
  • High-value men trust their partners. High-value men trust you – until, of course, you betray their trust. High-value men aren’t paranoid, and they do not stalk you or follow your every move. They do not check your phone or put hidden cameras inside the house. Such behaviour would be a sign of insecurity!

Ladies, it is time you learned what behaviours are appropriate, and what behaviours are not! You cannot let low-value me unto your lives! Therefore, to find love and happiness, you should first recognize the qualities and behaviours of high-value men. This will allow you to distinguish between high-value men and low-value men! It will also help you understand what types of women high-value men want!

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