The Classy Woman – What’s She Like?

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The Classy Woman – What’s She Like?

Sometimes, it only takes us a single look to know a woman is classy. Some women exude style, confidence, class! These women are independent and unforgettable; it’s no wonder men are ready to pull the stars down for them!

Women do not simply possess men’s hearts; they also thrive in high society, becoming liked and appreciated by everyone around them.

You may think these women were born classy; the class, you may argue, is inherent! These, however, are mere excuses. Don’t use them to avoid taking responsibility. Don’t blame it all on the chance!

These women, just like us, had to work hard to build a sense of style and have class! It did not come inherently—it was not a part of their DNA! These women created themselves!

Every woman can create herself. You’re not an exception.

“How can I create myself?” you may wonder. Here’s how:

    • Mindset. Start by changing your mindset. Analyze your worldview and examine your habits. Let go of what no longer serves you. That is the key to a successful life. Remember that classy women have a vision. They don’t live from day today! They glide forward, keeping their heads high. They’re positive and hope for the best. Classy women spend their time productively; they don’t waste time mindlessly surfing the web or gossiping with their girlfriends.
      Make a list of 100 things that you do often. Don’t stop until you have 100 things written down in your list. Once you have done that, take the time to examine the list. Note which activities help you forward, and which waste your time. Stop doing the things that don’t help you become a better version of yourself. This will help you eliminate unfruitful habits and establish new, better ones.
    • Body. Many women make the grave mistake of not taking care of their bodies. Don’t mistake caring for your body for going to the beauty salon every weekend. Sure, beauty procedures are important and can help the overall appearance of your body; yet, they can never keep your body in shape on its own. You need to get involved! Have good eating habits, work out often, and drink enough water. All elite women take care of their bodies; they do exercise and eat healthily. They look better and better as they age! Everyone admires them: men want to be with them, and professionals wish to work with them.

  • Appearance. Your style matters. The clothes you wear portray you in a certain way. You need to make sure that this is how you wish to be seen by others! Pay attention to your clothes, haircut, makeup, manicure, accessories, etc. Classy women have a trademark look! They always dress for the occasion and look impeccable. In case you find styling yourself difficult, you could always consult a personal stylist. They can help you buy clothes that suit you! Plus, by hiring a personal stylist, you will save money in the long term, as you will not have to spend on clothes and accessories that just don’t work for you!
  • Confidence. If you’ve done the first three steps, your confidence has probably doubled already! Still, you should keep working on your demeanor and your manners. Learn to speak with the class. Find a way to be more charismatic. Defend your opinions with poise. Realize how you can influence others. My webinar, “How to Speak with Men Effectively?” can help you do so.
  • Energy. We unconsciously feel the energy—the vibe—of other people. Sure, conscious factors like one’s appearance or speech style matter. However, energy has a far bigger influence on our perception of others. Some people attract us, drawing us in like magnets. Others repel us, seemingly without a reason. Therefore, it is important for you to work on your energy!

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