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The Art of Self-Love

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The Art of Self-Love

Even though many talks about self-love, few have something new to say about it! Our ideas of self-love are rather limited, wrong even, and that needs to be amended as soon as possible.

Let me help you!

Self-Love is NOT:

  • Thinking you are better than everyone else.
  • Being arrogant and conceited.
  • Denying constructive criticism.
  • Going with the flow.
  • Pretending to be flawless.

Self-Love IS:

  • Accepting what you cannot change.
  • Realizing you cannot always be at your best.
  • Recognizing that you will make mistakes.
  • Acknowledging your authenticity.
  • Developing your character and improving your weaknesses.
  • Honing your talents and showing them to the world.
  • Seeking strength within—rather than without.
  • Allowing yourself time for relaxation and pleasure.

To love yourself, you should first accept yourself for who you really are. Accept your past! This will help you relax: “I am enough!” you will say to yourself.

Once you have done that, you can start investing in yourself and developing your potential. “I am not perfect, and I will never be perfect,” you can whisper to yourself. “However, I can be the best version of myself!”

Here is how you can master the art of self-love:

  • Body: You can practice self-love by taking care of your body. Eat healthy foods. Do exercise. Get adequate rest. Find time for yourself!
  • Mind: Just like your body, your mind requires nutrition and exercise. Learn new things! Say positive affirmations. Watch good movies and read good books! This will help you avoid diseases like dementia.
  • Soul: Your soul is the most tender part of your being. It requires special care! Meditate, attend therapy, walk around nature, and do art!

Where will self-love take you? When you practice self-love, you:

  1. Are healthy and happy.
  2. Are loved by everyone around you.
  3. Wake up with energy and willingness to live!
  4. Have happy, harmonious relationships!
  5. Easily manifest your dreams.

Let’s love ourselves! I cannot wait to see you at:

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