Flirting Tips for Shy Women

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Flirting Tips for Shy Women

Flirting has always been easy for me, and I have often wondered why some struggle to do it. I know so many smart, beautiful women who remain single just because they do not know how to flirt. Frightened of flirting, some of them ever avoid meeting men!

If you can relate to this if you see yourself in these women, here are a few tips you can apply!

  1. Keep your head held high and smile! A while ago, I went to a bar with a friend of mine. She looked happy and excited, enjoying our conversation.
  2. Pick topics to talk about in advance. When met with successful, high-value men, many shy women become speechless. This causes awkwardness and leads to long periods of silence. To avoid that, come up with a list of topics you can discuss in advance.
  3. Be a good listener. Most people love to talk about themselves. When you flirt, try to display interest, and hear the other person out. Don’t overshare. Put your best foot forward.
  4. Dress for success. Wear clothing that makes you feel good. This will give you a dose of confidence and help you overcome your shyness. Take care of your skin, do your hair, and put on some makeup! If you struggle to do that on your own, ask one of your friends to help you out!
  5. Say “Yes!” Shy people are more likely to avoid taking risks. However, risk-taking is an important aspect of flirting. If someone offers to buy you a drink, say “yes!” even if you are not thirsty! If someone asks you to dance with them, do it! If a man offers to take you to a concert, then go with him, even when the music genre may not be your favorite!

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