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Female Archetypes & Their Shadows

No matter how much we talk about female archetypes, we can hardly exhaust all there is to say about this topic. Once you’ve determined your archetype, you can begin to explore its shadow. You can also figure out which archetype you lack and try to develop it.

Today, we will discuss the characteristics of the four female archetypes:

    • Girl Archetype. When we conclude that a woman’s dominant archetype is the archetype of a girl, we mean that she is very optimistic, excited, energetic, innocent, youthful, and playful.
    • Shadow: A woman whose girl archetype is in shadow can become susceptible to manipulation. She may try too hard to please others. She may grow dependent on her partner. She may also become attracted to dangerous situations—and dangerous men.
    • A few tips to develop your girl archetype. You can unleash your creative energy: write, draw, pain. Create with your hands. You can also try to think outside of the box, doing things you never expected to do. Try to surprise yourself with your actions. Flee your comfort zone. You can also play, dance, and have more fun!
    • Lover Archetype. A woman whose most dominant archetype is the archetype of a lover is confident and passionate. She exudes magnetism. She is open to experience—to receive pleasure! She adores her body and expresses her sensuality.
    • Shadow : You can become controlling and attract unnecessary drama. A woman who is in the shadow of the Lover Archetype may use her sensuality to manipulate men. She may be overly vain, demanding, and prone to constantly comparing herself to others. She may not have any self-love, and she may have a twisted understanding of her physical appearance.
    • A few tips to develop your Lover Archetype. Practice self-love. Develop your confidence. Work with a therapist to heal from trauma. Wear clothes that make you feel attractive. Meditate and enjoy the present moment.
    • Queen Archetype. These women are strong. They possess clear leadership qualities. They happily take on responsibility and go after their goals. They try to develop themselves and do not find time to complain, whine, or be negative.
    • Shadow: Prone to gossip, a woman in the shadow of the Lover Archetype may become overly controlling. This is a result of her pursuit of perfection. She may feel threatened by others and become blinded by jealousy.

  • A few tips to develop your Queen Archetype. Invest in your self-growth. Attend seminars and read books. Hone your sense of confidence. Try to take decisions more quickly and bravely.
  • Mother Archetype. Caring and compassionate, these women try to protect and nurture everyone around them. Women with a dominant Mother Archetype are altruistic, putting the needs of others before their own.
  • Shadow: A woman who enters the shadow of the Mother Archetype may end up tired, exhausted, depleted of energy. She may neglect herself to a point where she forgets her own identity—her role as a woman. A woman who enters the shadow of the Mother Archetype may also become controlling, unable to let her children go.
  • A few tips to develop your Mother Archetype. Connect with your family. Spend time in nature. Heal from trauma—related to your mother—and cut the vicious cycle of pain and unhappiness.
  • If you are still unable to understand your own archetype.
  • If you wish to develop a certain archetype.
  • If you want to activate powerful energy.

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