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Accessing the Vibration of Wealth

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Accessing the Vibration of Wealth

We begin forming our views and attitudes towards money at a young age. They are not exactly ours; usually, they are based on the views and attitudes of our parents and relatives, among others. There are many outside factors—forces—that shape and impact our relationship with money.

Some have grown up thinking that money is something scary—something they should be afraid of. These people often come to lead their lives, shadowed by financial worries.

Others come of age, knowing that money comes quickly and easily. These people appear to be magnets for money, attracting wealth at every step.

If your perception of money is based on the perceptions of those around you, it is time for you to make a change!

There is one simple fact that summarizes everything there is to know about money: money is energy.

If you align yourself with the vibration of money, allowing your thoughts, actions, and dreams to vibrate on the same frequency as money, you will encounter abundance at every corner! However, as many of our views on money have been imposed on us, by people who struggled with money, we often vibrate on the frequency of poverty…

How can you change that? How can you re-program your relationship with money and accumulate wealth? How can you access the vibration of wealth?

Here are the ways that have helped me do so:

    • Recognize your internal monologue. “Money.” Say this word to yourself. Keep it in your mind for a minute. Notice the associations you begin to make. Track the thoughts that pass through your mind. You may think the following:
      • I don’t have enough money.
      • Wanting money means being greedy.
      • I don’t need money; I am a spiritual person!
      • Money is dirty and evil.
      • The more I give, the less I have for myself.
      • I hate dealing with money.
    • Making money is difficult: it requires tons of time and effort. On a piece of paper, write down all your thoughts about money; record them as sentence-long statements. Once you have done that, get a different-colored pen and note where these statements came from. Was it your mother? Or your father? Answer the following three questions: “Who made me think this way? Is this belief helping me achieve my goals? Will this perception of money help me be the person I wish to become?” Finally, turn your old thoughts into new ones!
    • Visualizing wealth. Do meditative practices to visualize your wealth. Imagine what your life would be like if you were more affluent. Where would you live? What car would you drive? How would you look? What would you wear at home and work? Try to behave as if you are already wealthy. This will help you access the vibration of wealth.
    • Using your money. If you are used to not having money, you may feel inclined to hoard cash under the mattress—or in your bank account. This, however, is not a sustainable long-term strategy. Money, like all other forms of energy, wants to be in motion. Learn to be more generous. Give more. Spend on yourself. Let money happily serve its purpose.
  • Practicing gratitude. You may refuse to believe that you’ve already got the abundance many would not dare dream of. You take it for granted, not realizing it is truly a blessing! Money loves gratitude. You may hate paying your electricity bill. You worry about how much you’ll have to spend. Instead of letting anxiety consume you, pay your bills and think gratefully. “Thanks to this, I have light! Thanks to this, I cook food and share meals with my family. Thanks to this, I can watch my favorite TV Show and work from home.”
  • Respecting, rather than fearing, money. Many of us harbor an unconscious fear of money. They avoid checking their bank account or tracking their spending!
  • Can you spot the roots of your problems with money?
  • What beliefs should you adopt to gain wealth?
  • What visualization techniques and methods can you use to access the vibration of money?
  • How can you become more grateful for everything, including your financial struggles?
  • How can you change your attitudes towards money?
  • How can you reprogram your mind to attract money with ease?

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