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Male and Female Energy

This article will help you understand how male and female energies differ; what happens when male energy dominates over female energy; and how women can submerge themselves in their divine femininity.

Women have 75% female energy and 25% male energy. The latter helps them remain focused and composed; it motivates them to set goals and achieve them. However, a woman’s male energy can get out of hand. Women who are led by their male energy can become overtly dominant, assertive, controlling, and demanding.

Such women take huge responsibility and end up feeling exhausted, depleted, and isolated. Male energy is energy of war, battle, and achievement. Female energy, on the other hand, is energy of peace and enjoyment.

Kundalini: the Female Energy

According to the ancient Hindu tradition, the female energy is a sexual energy. Tantrists speak of this energy, noting that every one of us carries a woman within. This woman—or, rather, her feminine energy—is represented by the concept of Kundalini. This is the energy of creativity, creation, and passion. This is the energy that moves the world forward, propelling it to progress. It is for this reason men seek highly feminine women; these women, after all, charge their men with powerful energy—the very energy men need to materialize their goals and produce a tangible result.

Static and Orderly: the Male Energy

Male energy is a static. It awakens upon interference with the dynamic, kinetic female energy. That’s how creation begins. The collaboration between these two energies can result in the creation of an artwork, the establishment of a business, the building of a house, and the crafting of a poem. Male energy comes through only after female energy has manifested.

Male and Female Energy

  • Fire: this is the feminine sexual energy. This is the energy of desire, passion, and creativity. This is also the energy of pleasure.
  • Water: this is another form of feminine energy. This is the energy of emotions, love, and joy.
  • Air: this is a form of male energy. This is an expression of new concepts, ideas, and intellect.
  • Earth: this is also a form of male energy. It is the energy of order, rules, structure, and control.

Female energy is chaotic; male energy is orderly.

When a woman is led by her masculine energy, she tends to compete with men, attempting to show them she is better, stronger, and more successful. However, such women are hardly ever victorious. These women emasculate their partners, making them weaker and more dependent. In the process, these women also grow tired, sick, and lonely.

You should understand your energy! Align yourself with it!

Each one of us should realize when we operate in our male energy and when we operate in our female energy. We can do so by observing our own behaviour. When we operate under the role “I can do this alone,” it is clear we’ve taken the “male route.” When we allow our partner to care for us, to help us, we can rest assured we are “on the feminine path.” Another thing we should do is realize how to switch energies: when to step into our masculine energy and when to return to our feminine energy.

You should spend at least two hours for pleasure every day. Watch a movie, dine with your girlfriends, visit a gallery, or attend a concert. Surrounding ourselves with positive female friends and doing feminine practices are two sure ways to increase your feminine energy. Do these things and immerse yourself in satisfaction! After all, that is exactly what men want from us: to be happy, satisfied, and sexually charged.

Oftentimes, women get so consumed by their careers and other responsibilities that they begin to neglect their divine feminine energy. As a result, they lose energy and become unhappy. To understand how much male and how much female energy you carry within, you can join our online course “Geisha 2.” This course will teach you to balance your male and female energy, just as it will help you gain confidence and become more satisfied.


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