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I Can, How about You?

We all have dreams and unspoken desires we long to fulfill. However, we often think of them so much that we forget to act.

What sets a successful person from an unsuccessful one is one simple quality: unlike unsuccessful people, successful ones say “I can” and then take action. Successful people have fruitful habits that allow them to seize every day. Successful people recognize their strengths and hone them. They overcome their fears and leave their comfort zones. They know their worth and leap forward confidently, asserting their boundaries and conquering new horizons.

The people whose biographies we read—and whose successes we remember—use the power of “I can.” These two words are extraordinarily powerful. They can transform your life and professional development. When we allow ourselves to have faith in our ideas, when we trust our intuition, we can achieve it all.

Let’s do a little exercise!

    • Close your eyes and visualize your desires. Imagine it all clearly! See yourselves achieving your goals. Consider how that will make you feel. How do you look? Who are you? What are you doing
    • Open your eyes. Take a piece of paper and write down ten things that hinder your progress. Recognize what stops you from becoming the person from your dreams. Are you ready? I don’t need to look at your list to guess what you noted:
      • Insecurity
      • Disbelief in your skills and talents
      • Fear of failure
      • Fear of judgement
      • Lack of confidence
      • Limiting beliefs about success
      • Inability to accept (the gifts of the Universe)
      • Blockages and past trauma
  • Substitute each of the things you noted as “obstacles” with sentences starting with “I can.”
    • I can—because I believe in my own skills and strengths.
    • I can—because I am enough! I have everything I need.
    • I can—because the opinion of other people is insignificant.
    • I can—because I am not afraid of failure.
    • I can—because I can accept the gifts of the Universe.
    • I can—because I can achieve all my dreams.
    • I can—because I don’t let my doubts control me.
    • I can—because I don’t let past events control me (note the specific past events that bother you).
    • I can—because I am not affected by the words of my parents/teachers/friends/classmates/partner.

Can you sense the power of “I Can?”
Can you feel how these two words liberate you from doubt and give you strength?
I can, how about you?

Together, you and I can work on:

  • Discovering your potential
  • Awakening your ambition
  • Setting clear goals
  • Helping you embrace your freedom
  • Reflecting on your desires and dreams
  • Finding a way to materialize your braves dreams
  • Eliminating your fears and self-limiting beliefs
  • Achieving self-confidence


Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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