The Happy Woman: Is She Even Real?

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The Happy Woman: Is She Even Real?

Is the Happy Woman a myth or a reality?

What stops women from being happy?

Describe what happiness means to you. How could you become happier?

Happiness, as it turns out, is an individual matter. We obtain it in different ways. Some feel fulfilled when taking care of their children and husbands; these women don’t find joy in work. Other women love sex and romance. As I said, we all experience joy for different reasons. Happiness simply depends on our value system. We become happy when our values have manifested in our physical lives.

To become happy, you must recognize your values.

Even though the path to happiness differs for all of us, I’ve noticed that most, if not all, happy people share a few common qualities.

What are the qualities of the Happy Woman?

First, Happy Women exude peace and humility. They’re not tense. They know the best is yet to come. These women have realized the best things happen at their own pace, and no one could force them.

Exercise: Analyse your life. Recall the times when you tried to speed things up and they just did not work out. Recognize how, a few years later, you realized everything happened exactly as it should have.

Second, Happy Women easily materialize their desires. They float in the flow of love and abundance. Happy Women think of something, and that thing appears—just like that!

Exercise: Ask your soul: “My dearest soul, what do you desire?” Hear the answer. Then, do what your soul wants—or ask someone else to do it for you.

Let me give you an example: a while ago, I had a terrible flu. I stopped for a second and decided to ask my soul what it wanted. “Eat cereal,” my soul replied. I listened to that and, soon after, I felt much better.

Third, Happy Women are soft and feminine. They chirp like birds! They do not rush, but always come on time. I’ve never heard a woman like that raise her voice—they don’t need to! People wish to do things for them anyways.

Exercise: Record your interactions with a few people. Hear your intonation. Note your word choice: do you use soft, feminine language? Then, for about 15 minutes, listen to the sound of a soft stream of water. Align yourself with its energy; try to speak with others with the same vibration and use kinder, softer words. Do this for at least a month.

Fourth, Happy Women value and respect their parents. Happiness is impossible for those who fail to accept and cherish their roots.

Exercise: Write down all the qualities that you like and dislike in your parents. See if you, too, share any of those qualities. Ask people who know you well to reflect on those qualities as well and tell you if they find you share a lot of traits with your parents. Then, turn the negatives into positives. If, for instance, your mother is selfish, say that she simply loves herself. If she is always dissatisfied, accept that she’s got high standards. Do the same for your father. Express your feelings our loud—or in your head.

Fifth, she accepts and forgives herself.

Exercise: Make a list of the things you dislike about yourself. The list can include physical qualities, character traits, actions, and habits. Then, say this out loud: “I forgive myself. I accept myself the way I am—despite and because of all the things I dislike about myself.” Notice how that makes you feel.

Sixth, Happy Women know how to maintain a high vibration. This means they’re always joyful, thankful, accepting, and respectful.

Exercise: Adopt the habit of only noticing the good side. Make sure to thank the Universe at least 15 times per day. Being a woman is amazing, but nothing is better than being a Happy Woman!


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