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How to drive your partner crazy?

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How to drive your partner crazy?

I constantly receive your letters:

  • “How do I get him back?”
  • “How do I drive him crazy?”
  • “How can I make her want me?”

Although the two sexes rarely understand each other’s needs, the truth is that their needs often overlap. Especially when it comes to thrill and love.

Well, it’s time to share a few tricks to bring passion back into the relationship and drive the man or woman next to you to go crazy:

How to attract attention on a first date?

If you are a lady and you want to attract a man’s attention, one of the most important things is how you look. If you are a man, the formula to impress her is to be confident! I know that on a first date or when you talk to a stranger in a bar, you’re actually quite nervous. The point is not to show it because women don’t fall in love with worried guys. They want a man who radiates strength and serenity. Secondly, the quality that women adore and that wins them over at the beginning of a relationship is a sense of humor.

How to drive your partner crazy?

How to return the passion in the relationship?

No matter what gender you are, the answer here is the same – SPONTANEITY. Here are some ideas: surprise him with sexy lingerie, blindfold her and let her just feel your touch, sit on his lap while he drinks coffee or watch TV, and whisper to him how much you want him, kisses her passionately in the simplest situation (for example, while cooking or arranging the dinner table).

The universal tool in bed – dirty talk.

As I have said before, men and women are embarrassed to talk in bed, and in fact, there is nothing more exciting for both sexes than telling them dirty and spicy things. Try it and you will see that I am right. Another thing you can try, especially if you have a long relationship – make some of your sexual fantasies come true. You will be surprised that very often the hidden fantasies of the partners in the couple overlap.

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Welcome to my Marathon ” For Both Sexes “From Loneliness To A Happy Relationship“!

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