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How to find the right man for you?

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How to find the right man for you?

Despite her independence, successful career, and the unlimited possibilities that the modern woman has, we all long for love deep inside!

  • We want to be loved and give love.
  • Sometimes we want to be weak and have someone else take care of us.
  • We want to relax in someone’s arms and just feel good.
  • We want a man who can support us with his strength.
  • We want someone with whom to share our joys and sorrows.
  • We want comfort, home, family, children.
  • We also want hot nights with the one we truly love.

Unfortunately, wanting and having are two different things. Many women come to me with the problem that they cannot find this man. They either fail to make new acquaintances at all, or they come across inappropriate men. So, in the end, they find themselves alone again.

For all of you who recognize yourself in the above description, I give 5 guidelines on how to find the man for you:

  • Internal work.
    • To find the right man, you must be the right woman. This means working on yourself to become the best version of yourself. The inner work involves clearing your traumas, getting rid of your emotional baggage and addictions, stepping out of your shadows, and becoming a mature person. Get rid of all your past and past relationships.
  • External work.
    • You have done your inner work and become a responsible, emotionally stable, ready for love and relationship adult. But in order for a man to get to know you and understand what a wonderful person you are, he must first be attracted to you. Get in shape, take care of your hairstyle and manicure, change your style, if necessary, learn how to make up well.
  • Don’t wait for the Prince.
    • Remember that love is not a fairy tale and real relationships with men have nothing to do with what romantic comedies, love novels or soap operas show you. Men are not perfect and are not knights in shining armor. They are human and have their flaws, and many women confuse the term “suitable man” with “flawless man.” If you are looking for the latter, then be sure that you will not find it, but in the meantime, you will reject great men, simply because they do not meet your unrealistic expectations.
  • You should really look for a man.
    • Many women say they are looking for a man, but in fact do nothing. If you want a relationship, you have to act and meet the person for you! Use all means of dating – from social networks to your friends. There are many good online dating platforms where you can create an account and find a potential partner. Try it and you will see that I am right. Even if you like the traditional type of dating, get out of your comfort zone. Also, stop refusing invitations to your friends and start going out and meeting people. Strive to make new acquaintances by visiting new places – change the fitness club, try a new sport, enroll in a language school, etc.
  • Have faith.
    • Above all, you must have faith in yourself and you’re worth. It is important to believe that you really deserve a wonderful man next to you because you yourself have a lot to give him. You also need to have faith in the process. Surely before you find the right person, you will go through unsuccessful meetings and failures. Do not lose faith, this is normal and should not deny you.

To help you in this process and really find the man for yourself, I made a new Online Marathon “How To Turn Into The Air Your Man Is Breathing?” How to find the right man for you?

You will find out:

  • How to have a successful first date
  • How to look unique and one of a kind for your man
  • You will have homework to do for every session and you will meet men and will do these exercises together
  • We will share our experiences in a group and together we will reflect on them and how to go on to the next step

Our sessions will change you forever and will help you to gather all the knowledge and skills needed to reach the marriage level

We will have the opportunity to discuss all the difficulties and all the victories we achieve

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