Test: Find out what type of woman you are and what type of men are the most suitable for you (for women)

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Test: Find out what type of woman you are and what type of men are the most suitable for you (for women)

The test is made up on the basis of the C.G. Jung’s theory “Collective unconscious and archetypes”. Nowadays, this theory is one of the greatest treasures that have been discovered by psychologists.

The test gives you the opportunity to understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, what and how you can change in yourself in order to have a harmonious personal life. It also gives you guidance on what type of partner is suitable for marriage and what type of partner you can build friendships or business communications with.

The author of the test is Natalia Kobylkina, a family therapist, psychologist and sexologist, coach at the Institute for Relations between Men and Women.

Test: Find out what type you are and what type of men are the most suitable for you? (for women)

Choose one of the four options that is best for you and mark a, b, c or d.

  1. What kind of holiday do you prefer?

А – I like to go for walks in the mountains, with female friends and it is important for me to be surrounded by beautiful nature

В – only luxury hotels and being abroad is a good holiday for me

С – I have forgotten when the last time was that I was on a holiday, it rarely happens to me

D – at home with my children and my husband

  1. What kind of man would impress you the most?

А – talks a lot, funny and smart, talks about his travels

В – looks very serious and listens to me, reads books and I see that I can rely on him

С – very successful, rich and can make money “even from the air”

D – likes to be dominant and you feel that he will take care of everything, you have stability with him

  1. For me, to be married it means?

А – the man takes care for me entirely, I feel protected and calm

В – the marriage will diminish my freedom and how can I choose only one man if tomorrow I meet a better one??

С – no particular changes, I will keep working as I have worked up to now

D – to be a housewife and take care of my husband and children

  1. What color do you prefer?

А – green, pink, I like something bright

В – red, black, white

С – blue, gray, purple

D – golden, brown

  1. For you your clothes should be:

А – a little goofy and look like a girl

В – sexy and it doesn’t matter how beautiful they are, the important thing is that I look sexy

С – expensive and show my status, to emphasize that I am a successful business woman

D – the most important thing is that they are comfortable and they must be made of natural fabrics

  1. What kind of shoes do you prefer?

А – I like trainers or ballet flats very much

В – of course high heels to emphasize my nice legs

С – expensive and elegant, the brand is important, mid heel shoes and should match my handbag and clothing

D – comfortable, made of genuine leather, it is important that my feet feel good in them

  1. What questions do people ask you from time to time?

А – do you ever think about how you live from time to time

В – where have you been? Are you going out with other men again? What love affairs do you have?

С – work, work…when do you rest? Surely you have a good salary?

D – are you not fed up of staying at home all the time?

  1. What are your strengths?

А – I am very emotional and kind to people, I help them a lot, I believe in justice

В – I am sexual and unpredictable, I keep myself up and usually ready for adventures

С – I am smart and independent, I can accomplish everything alone, to be honest, sometimes I even wonder why I need men

D – I am caring and supportive. My friends like to share with me

  1. What you miss most…

А – money and stability

В – serious relationship

С – emotions and joy

D – flirting and adventures

  1. If you expect to have guests and they arrive a little earlier, what are your actions?

А – I tell them that I’m not ready yet and I ask them to help me

В – I leave them and go to my bedroom to put a nice dress and makeup on

С – I order food from a restaurant and give my guests something to look at while waiting

D – I start cooking and laying the table

  1. My dream is…

А – to be on an island having dances and cocktails

В – to go shopping with an unlimited credit card in Paris or London

С – to own a successful business and be self-aware and fulfilled

D – to have a house in a nice place and family

  1. The job for me is…

А – to work in a stable company in an average position from 9 to 18

В – creativity and a free schedule. I hate working from 9 to 18

С – It is my life. I love my job and can work 24/7, which helps me to be financially independent

D – I work mostly in the home. I have so much to do at home that I don’t have much time or energy for other work.

  1. For me money is…

А – I don’t think about it a lot, someone always helps me, therefore I have got it

В – my problem is that I am always short of money and even if I have money I run out if it almost immediately. It’s good that there is usually a man who pays my bills

С – money is my good friend – I earn it myself and pay for everything myself

D – my husband and I have a common budget and everything is fairly allocated and shared out

  1. For me sex is…

А –sometimes a worry, I’m not sure I get everything I can get, I have something to work on

В – sex is my life. I can’t live without it. This is the basis, I do not understand people who live without sex

С – sex…this is the last thing I’m thinking about at the moment. I don’t mind it, just I don’t have the time and the right man

D – sex was important when we did not have any children. Now children are in the first place. I have sex from time to time, but it is not my priority

  1. If you have spare time, what will you do?

А – I will invite friends at my place or go to their place, go to a cinema, to a restaurant/bar

В – I will go to a SPA or a nice restaurant, I will think about who I can go out with or have sex with

С – I will get enough sleep or read a book

D – I will talk with my kids or sew something for them


Count how many answers A, B, C and D you have. What you have the most is your dominant type. What is the least and not that expressed to you would be good to start developing. The perfect woman is the one who can be flexible and feel good in these four roles.

Type А – a woman-girl

For you: you are a woman-girl. You are emotional and immediate. You believe in fairy tales and that the prince is waiting for you somewhere and only he can make you happy. You enchant people very easily with your kindness and faith in them. For you, a lot of things happen easily, by themselves. You feel confident that someone will take care of you. You look younger and nobody can say what really your age is. You wear funny clothes. You almost never have your nails done or your nails are very short. You don’t put on makeup and wear funny but cheap jewelry. You prefer to wear sports or comfortable shoes because you like to go by foot.

Strengths: You provoke men very easily to take care of you, to buy you gifts and to want to love you. People trust you, the men around you feel smart and strong. You feel cheerful and relaxed in your own company.

Weaknesses: You don’t always know what you want and what your goals are. Sometimes you are too emotional and complain that you are not always perceived as a sexual woman. You do not believe in yourself and you cannot always defend your strengths or your ideas.

Recommendations: Stop wearing goofy childish clothes! Take off this T-shirt with Mickey Mouse! You are a woman! Get to learn at least a few words about sex and say them first to yourself, then to others. Think of a few goals you want to achieve and do everything possible your dream comes true. You can do anything, why do you believe in others so easily and you don’t believe in yourself?

What type of men are suitable for you: the perfect man for marriage is the Manager type, he is looking for a girl who believes in him and supports him, he will be caring and will give you stability. For a relationship and adventurethe discoverer type, you will have fun with him and you will have fun adventures together all the time. It is not always easy to get along with traders and the communication with a creator doesn’t work out most of the time.


Type В – a woman-lover

For you: You are passionate and desired, there are always men around you. Men call you a naughty girl. They often make you indecent proposals. You take great care of your body and your vision. You have more male friends than female friends and you feel better in their company. You notice that quite often women get jealous and envy you. You dress up provocatively to get more attention. You love designer bright clothes and beautiful jewelry that accentuates your pretty neck or deep neckline. You like to show off and flirt with everyone.

Strengths: You keep yourself up, you are beautiful and you feel the power of your sexuality. You are like a volcano, that’s why you are so interesting for men. You get everything you want from life and very rarely someone dares to refuse you. You are super energetic and bright, there is no way you stay unnoticeable.

Weaknesses: Sometimes you are perceived only as a sexual object and the person in yourself cannot be seen. Because sex is so important to you and you emphasize it, your sexuality sometimes turns into a protective armor from the outside world. You do not allow closeness and therefore relationships are often superficial, built mainly on a sexual level. Sometimes people do not perceive you as a good specialist because your sexuality makes them confused.

Recommendations: Keep work and personal life separate. What is good to wear to attract men, you do not always have to wear it at work. If you want to build a status of a serious professional in your company – put on more formal clothes. Don’t rush to sex. Give your partner time to get to know you as a person and a woman. Show him you are a serious woman and your relationship is important to you. Prove that you can be monogamous and save him stories about your previous love adventures.

What type of men are suitable for you: for marriage – are you sure you want a marriage? If you have really decided to get married, try with a creator – because he is very busy with his work, he will close his eyes to all your fleeting stories. But the danger here is that he is not as sexual as you are and this can lead to a misunderstanding between both of you. The marriage will be wonderful with the Manager type only if you really are in love with him and you want to be only with this man. Having a love affairpreferably with a trader type – he is always a challenge, «you fight and play» and you have fun like that. The discoverers seem to be like “parrots”, they annoy you that they constantly want to have your attention. You want the same thing – to get attention, not to give it.

Type С – a woman-queen

For you: strong, independent, confident and financially independent. You know what you want in life and how to achieve it. You’re not afraid of anything. Men communicate with you pretty well, they sometimes share their financial secrets, because often you are like a “man” for them and you can give them good advice. You dress up very formally. Your clothes are always ironed and very well maintained, you are familiar with the expensive brands. It is important for you to show your status. You communicate with people who might be helpful to you. You do not like to waste your time, that’s why you are pretty straightforward and you immediately clarify who wants what and how much you can give it to each other. Your favorite colors are gray, blue and black. The shoe heels are comfortable and not very high. Your handbag is expensive.

Strengths: you are power! You know what you want and how to achieve it. Nothing can stop you. You are very good at your job. You probably work from a very young age, so you have already achieved a lot at your age. Your colleagues and subordinates respect you, but they are also a little afraid of you. It is not easy for men to communicate with you. You are successful, clever, you travel a lot and a lot of people envy you. But none of them knows that when you leave your fancy office with your luxury car to go back to your apartment, it sometimes turns out that no one is waiting for you there and you feel very lonely in it.

Weaknesses: men are afraid of you and the worst part is that you are afraid of yourself. You have forgotten what it means to be a woman. You are probably afraid of losing your husband or being alone. This is entirely due to the fact that you have been doing everything yourself for too long and you do not trust anyone.

Recommendations: When was the last time you laughed or cried? Why your emotions are hidden under the armor of a “successful woman”? Stop paying bills, don’t give up on help, let others take care of you. You are a woman – you are the weak sex. Take off that expensive pair of trousers and put on a sexy dress that may not be that expensive. Try to laugh two minutes a day and cry when you watch a movie about love. You are alive! Being alive is characterized by having emotions!

What type of men are suitable for you: It might be strange for you but the creator is very suitable for a marriage. He is the person who will motivate you to succeed in your work. He will not interfere with you, he will support you and therefore you can accomplish whatever you want. For flirting and adventures – it will be interesting for you to be with a trader (you will both love different adventures). There is respect and playfulness in this relationship. It is never easy with him and because of that it is interesting. He is difficult for marriage. Being with a discoverer is fun only for a party. Being with a Manager type you can have good friendship or business relationship.


Type D – a woman-housewife, mother

For you: You are caring, kind, supportive, helpful. You like to serve people: children, loved ones, relatives and friends. You like to dress in natural fabrics and comfortable shoes. You don’t like jewelry, and if you put it on, it’s something gold you have inherited from your mother or a gift from a female friend. Children love you, colleagues often ask for your help. You keep a good relationship with your loved ones, relatives, colleagues, even with you ex-husbands.

Strengths: caring, stable. People trust you and know they can count on you. They often leave you their keys and some money and ask you to take care of their cats. People like to share their problem because you always have time to listen to them and support them. You are monogamous, you can cheat only as revenge. You are very reliable and that is attractive to people.

Weaknesses: When will you stop thinking about others and start thinking about yourself? Look at yourself carefully in the mirror and tell yourself honestly, when was the last time you felt your sexual attractiveness and attracted male glances. You do not live your life but the life of your children, husband and female friends. Where are you in the whole thing? It is important to you to wake up your healthy selfishness.

Recommendations: Name at least 5 things you want for yourself and do them. Urgently go to a store and buy something beautiful and attractive (get a sexy looking female friend for help). Then visit a hair salon: blow-drying hair and manicure are a must. If you don’t have money for it – ask for help from the people you have helped so much – it’s their turn now.

What type of men are suitable for you: discoverers are very suitable for husbands. They are great fun and you feel good with them because you give them stability and caring and they give you adventures, spontaneousness and you feel alive and interesting with them. You can also have a good marriage with a creator provided that you like to work and you can provide him not only with a good household but also a stable income. It’s difficult to get well with a trader, you do not have any chemistry and attractiveness with the Manager type.

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