11 steps to get ready for a new relationship

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11 steps to get ready for a new relationship

People are often afraid of being lonely and prefer to be with the wrong partner instead of being alone. I want to assure you that the best time you can have before starting a new relationship is to be alone and to prepare yourself for the new relations.

While you are alone, you may:

  1. Forget about cooking, salads and fruits are perfectly enough.
  2. Go out and flirt with a different man every day and no one can blame you about that.
  3. Experiment and let yourself do things that you have never done while being in a relationship.
  4. Have an untidy house. In the evening sit in the middle of that chaos and write down how you imagine your new partner will look like.
  5. Go on a completely new type of shopping. You may play different roles every day and find out who you really are.
  6. Sing out loud and throw parties at home.
  7. Go out with strangers. You may write on your Facebook wall that you are organizing a picnic and you are inviting everyone who want to join. Trust me, you are going to meet many new and interesting people.
  8. Watch romantic movies in your pajamas the whole weekend.
  9. Throw away everything that you have not used for the last year.
  10. Choose your next man calmly and announce that you are selecting at the moment. Allow yourself some time before you make the next step.
  11. Start a hobby that you have been postponing for a long time. Dance lessons, theater, yoga. Time is all yours. Use it wisely.

Look how much freedom is coming into your life. Enjoy it. There is an important rule, however, that you should not forget – before having a new partner, ask your parents and your ex-partner to bless you with happiness. Wish them happiness from your heart and hear the words from them too.

We are born and we die alone. Throughout our lives, we meet many new people and we lose many of them. Let us be grateful for those splendid, loving and delightful situations that we encounter on our way. Without them, we would not be ourselves, just the way we are today.

Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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