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Are you tired of feeling stuck in your current situation? Do you feel like you have potential, but can’t seem to unlock it? Are you done being a loser while others flourish?

Good. Because YOU are about to become a winner.


10 Steps to Becoming a Winner

10 Steps to Becoming a Winner

My newest eBook is here to turn your life around and finally help you shoot for the stars.

10 Steps to Becoming a Winner

Follow its simple 10 steps and…

“I believe a winner lurks within every one of us. The key is to awaken it, unleash that winning instinct and learn how to THRIVE no matter what. Your circumstances don’t define you. Your dreams do. It’s time you went after them.”

- Natalia Kobylkina -

This book is for you if…

Well, in that case, 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner is the SOLUTION you've been searching for. It's time to break free from the limitations that are holding you back and start living the life you want, the life of a winner!

But you may still be uncertain that this book is for you…

Natalia Kobylkina

I get that. I really do. But over 50,000 people, men and women alike, have placed their trust in me and let me guide them to success, happiness, and personal fulfilment.
By the end of this book, your life will have changed in ways you never thought possible. You'll have a clear vision for your future and the tools and techniques you need to make it a reality. You'll have overcome your fears and self-doubt and developed a mindset that will help you achieve your goals. You'll be able to reframe negative thoughts and use NLP techniques to stay motivated and focused. You'll also have the knowledge and skills you need to protect your energy and stay on track, no matter what challenges come your way.

And, not to mention, it’s at a scandalously-low price for a limited time only.

Here is what our clients have to say…

Boyana Angelova
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“For years, I was wondering why I never achieved my goals even if I worked quite hard to do so. Well, guess what? After reading 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner, I had a eureka moment: it was because these “goals” were never my goals, to begin with–because the dreams I was chasing were not my own!! Natalia helped me understand that the truest, deepest wishes of ours come from within–and that anything else is socially ingrained. Thanks to her, I have finally recognised my true desires and set out to materialise them in my life.”
Silvia R.
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“This is the book that changed my life. Before I read it, I was stuck pursuing a medical degree because my mother had told me so. I was under her thumb, and, worse, I lacked the courage to free myself. Only after reading 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner, I finally realised that this was MY life, that I was responsible for MY life, and that I was the MAKER of my future. 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner helped me develop agency, responsibility, and confidence. In ten applicable steps, it allowed me to stop seeing the world as the problem and turn myself into a confident, self-assured winner who always THRIVES. Needless to say, I am no longer studying medicine; I’ve started my own business (which I wanted to do for years), and it’s now bringing in 6 figures per year. Since I finished 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner, I’ve read all of Natalia’s books. Thank you, Natalia, you’re wonderful, and so are your books!”
Ivan Slavov
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"This is my Bible, my Winner Bible. I read bits of it every single day to keep myself on track. If I'm feeling afraid, I read it. If I'm feeling worried, I read it. If I want to procrastinate or over-indulge, I read it. This is the only book that poses a solution to every problem winners encounter on their way to success. I recommend it to all those who want to transform their lives, eliminate insecurity, find answers, and grow into the best versions of themselves."
Magdalena Koseva
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“I love all of Natalia’s books, but 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner holds a special place in my heart. It hits home. It is the ONLY book that I have ever read that made me consciously face my fears and eliminate all the excuses I used to make. It is the only book that helped me distinguish true goals and dreams from false ones. Through real-life stories and personal examples, Natalia renders the image of a winner and helps us all become one. It’s no wonder all the people I know who read this book start new businesses, quadruple their earnings, finally fulfil their dreams, and start living more happily. I recommend it to everyone who knows they can be more than they currently are.”
Anna Glen
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“I don’t know where to begin! Perhaps by saying that this book motivated me to end a toxic marriage, relocate, find a new job, and accelerate my career? Or by noting I’ve made twice as much money since I read it? This book changed the way I approach my daily life–for the better. I now cultivate my enthusiasm and realise that adrenaline and drive are key components on my path to success. And my favourite part? Natalia’s truth-slap statements like “Enthusiasm is the barometer of your dreams…” 0 Steps to Becoming a Winner is, no doubt, the book every motivated person must read to make their dreams come true.”
Chris Dove
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“This is my secret to abolishing fear. Yes, that’s right! Before reading 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner I was anxious, afraid, worried, and prone to always making excuses. This prevented me from ever pursuing my dreams. When at the threshold of a dream, I felt fear wrap around me and pull me back–every single time. Then 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner entered my life–after a friend who’d attended Natalia’s courses recommended it to me. It changed my life! The practices, exercises, and challenges in this book helped me tackle my fears, understand what I truly want, and come up with a strategy to make it a reality. This book is the most empowering, liberating piece of writing I’ve ever read. No other book has helped me let go of fear, troubling emotions, and anxiety as well as this one. And no other book has ever shown me just what steps I need to take in order to BECOME a WINNER! I recommend it to anyone who wants more from life. Thank you, Natalia. You’re a lifesaver!”
Klementina S.
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“Follow these 10 steps and you’re a winner! I didn’t believe it at first, as adamant my friends were it was true. But I gave 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner a go and I’VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER. I’d read a ton of self-help literature but no other book has been this concrete about the steps and actions you must take to improve your life and help yourself. For years, I’d struggled with making excuses and over-indulging. I wasn’t holding myself accountable. Even though I acknowledged this was the case, I didn’t know how to stop doing it. Then came 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner. In literally just three chapters, it changed the way I thought about making excuses, putting things off, and excessively rewarding myself. It showed me exactly why these behaviours would inevitably lead to failure, empathised with me, and then provided me with a brand-new way of action. I did all the book’s exercises and challenges diligently. ALL OF THEM. By the end of it, my husband came to me and said, “You’re no longer the woman I married. You’re 10 times better and 20 times braver.” Some say that life begins with birth, but, for me, my true life began with 10 Steps to Becoming a Winner. The years before were my own dark ages, sad, afraid, and characterised by scarcity. Now I no longer make excuses; get to work ASAP; combat fear with positive thoughts; have a system of reward and punishment that keeps me motivated; and practice true self-love. I’ve become so much happier and more successful as a result. My life simply isn’t the same. Thank you, Natalia. You do and write miracles, like this book. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Don’t let your dreams be just dreams. Pursue them. Unlock your potential. You weren’t born to live a wasted life. Do something today.