Seven Flirting Tips

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Seven Flirting Tips

For some, flirting is fun and refreshing! For others, it is a nightmare. Sure, it is normal to feel scared when expressing your interest in someone. Displaying interest puts you in an uneasy spot, as you become more vulnerable and can be rejected at any point!

However, you cannot really seduce your dream partner without flirting with them. Flirting is one of the first things people do before entering a relationship. Sadly enough, many think flirting should end once they establish a relationship. This is not the case! It is best if you can keep flirting with your partner, years after you’ve met and gotten together. By flirting with your partner, you should them that you are still attracted to them—that they’ve still got it!

The ability to flirt is CRUCIAL! As you have to flirt to gain and maintain your partner’s interest, I have prepared seven tips that can help you do so:

    • Gaze into your partner’s eyes. Allow your partner to feel your sincerity and sense your interest. Look into their eyes and smile more.
    • Give them compliments. Show your partner that you notice and appreciate their strong sides. “You look great today!” and “You’re so kind!” are two sentences you can say more often than you already do.
    • Listen. Listen to your partners and try to put yourself in their shoes. This will show them that you value them, leaving them to feel loved and cared for.
    • Caress your partner. Touch your partner carefully, caressing them every now and then. Let your movements be soft and not exactly sexual. If you are a woman, you can—for a few seconds at least—touch his knee or his arm. If you’re a man, you can put your hand on your partner’s back while holding the door open for her.

  • Send them messages. You can continue flirting with your partner even when you’re not physically together! Send them a flirtatious message and tease them playfully!
  • Don’t send them nudes! Contrary to what you may have been told, nudes can repulse others, giving them the impression that we disrespect ourselves and our bodies.
  • Don’t overdo it. Know that everything has its limits. Don’t overdo it with the flirting, as you will end up looking easy and desperate. You may even come off as aggressive, which will undoubtedly push your “target” away. Give your partner space!

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