Four Ways to Fulfil Your Dreams

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Four Ways to Fulfil Your Dreams

We all have dreams. Wherever we are in life, whatever we have achieved, we keep on dreaming. If you think about it, dreaming is living. It is no wonder we say that one dies when one ceases to dream.

I will therefore suggest a little alternation to a famous thought… “I dream, therefore I am!”

Now, the thing is… when you have dreams, you usually want them to happen.

I can hear you sighing, saying something like “Some dreams are impossible to fulfill!” or “There are dreams that are meant to remain just that – dreams.”

What would you do if I said you possess the power to manifest all your desires, to fulfill all your dreams? How would you react? Each one of us is full of unlimited potential. We are capable of turning longings into a beautiful reality.

What you want does not really matter. You can pine after the desired partner, the chosen promotion, or the wanted third child… Whatever it is, you can make it happen!

Here’s how!

    • Resistance. In order to manifest your desires and overcome your dreams, you should first overcome any internal resistances that may be blocking your progress. “How could I resist something I want?” you may ask. Easily! Even though this may sound both absurd and counterintuitive, it is a fact that we often resist our dreams due to external factors, such as negative past experiences or opinions that have been imposed on us by others. Resistance comes in the shape of traumas, addictions, pain, fear, guilt, and limiting beliefs. To overcome it, we should cleanse everything that holds us back. Only then will we be able to move forward.
    • Setting a goal. It is ironic that most people stop dead in their tracks when they hear the following questions: “What do you want?” They don’t know. They stop, start thinking, and can never formulate a clear, concise answer. These people are usually utterly unaware of their wants. Sometimes, though, their wants are quite abstract, and these people do not know how to make it happen. “I want to be happy,” some may say. But what does “being happy” mean? They don’t know! To fulfill a dream, we should first concretize our desires. Specify what you want! That’s possibly the hardest and most important of these four steps, as you cannot really achieve an abstract goal!

  • Attraction. Once you’ve specified your goal, you can begin strategizing. If you leave your dream in the back of your mind, waiting for it to happen on its own, it will never become a part of your reality. You have got to take action! Think about your goal, talk about it, visualize it, use affirmations and meditate. The stage of attraction is a long topic, and many books have been written about it. Remember: there are so many practices that you can employ to attract your dream!
  • Energizing your field. The last step is to synchronize your own energy with the energy of your dream. Find a way to vibrate on the same level. You can do this by monitoring and controlling your emotions. The easiest way to do this is to act, think, and talk as if your dream has already come true.

Visualize it. Imagine the joy you’d feel once your dream comes true. Let it consume your body. Pretend it is your current reality.

Many of you may sense a hint of inner conflict. I understand. It is very hard to act as a successful and rich person when you are barely making the ends meet. However, you should avoid this inner conflict at all costs, as it will eat you up before you even get the chance to manifest your dream.

Our webinars will teach you to:

  • Dream big
  • Visualize your dreams
  • Avoid comparing yourself with others
  • Remain focused and organized
  • Keep going, despite the occasional failure


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