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Male Archetypes

We’ve spoken a fair bit about archetypes. Carl G. Jung, a famous Swiss psychologist, created the theory of archetypes—a theory I often apply in my own psychological practice. We usually talk about female archetypes: girl, lover, queen, and mother. However, I think it is time for us to discuss the four male archetypes!

Just as there are four female archetypes, there are four male archetypes. To understand and decipher men, we should know these archetypes. They, after all, can help us understand:

  • If a man would make a good partner for us.
  • If we could establish a successful long-term relationship.
  • If we should invest effort and time in a man.

“What are the male archetypes?” you may wonder. Let me tell you!

    • Creator: Intelligent, deep, and hopeful, these men value their personal space. They don’t care about the opinions of other people. They’re not interested in being dressed fashionably, which leads them to look scruffy. Many IT specialists, painters, musicians, and writers fall into this archetype. Strengths: They give their partners a great dose of freedom, expecting the same in return. They tend to be caring husbands and fathers. Weaknesses: Unambitious and disorganized, creators may never achieve success. Example: Salvador Dalí
    • Trader: Adventurous, active, and always up for a bargain, traders love talking about money, contracts, and business. Traders like to discuss the cost of their clothing their car, their tips, etc.
      Strengths: Smart, successful, quick, and risk-oriented, creators know how to problem-solve. They’re also excellent fathers and dedicated husbands. Weaknesses: Creators are often left without money, just because they do not know how to manage money effectively. They are emotional spenders. Creators also lack the strength and will women pine after. These men love strong women. Example: Will Smith.
    • Entrepreneur: These men like novel things and hate being stuck in one place. They strive to have their own businesses and enter the spotlight. They like experimenting and breaking societal rules. They’re good-looking and love luxury. Strengths: Brave and creative, entrepreneurs love to take risks. Weaknesses: Entrepreneurs do not always finish what they’ve started, just as they’re not always monogamous. Prone to be polygamous, these men lead risky lives, never dedicating themselves to one thing—or one woman. They love being surrounded by men, and you cannot and should not restrict the time they spend in male companies. Example: Richard Branson.

  • Ruler: They love power and authority. They know they are good at exercising power and ruling over others. Rulers are usually conservative, which leads them to have marriages without too many emotions. They are also caring and people like working with them. Rulers are very respected by men. Women dream to marry rulers. Strengths: Smart, dominant, and powerful, rulers incite respect and admiration. People strive to work with them, to carry out their demands, to support them. Rulers love to win. They finish what they start and act like true professionals. Weaknesses: Too strict towards themselves and those around them, rulers may lack humanity and the ability to forgive. Example: Vladimir Putin.

If you wish to:

  • Learn how to figure out what archetype a man is
  • Learn tricks you can apply when communicating with different archetypes
  • Learn what women men from different archetypes want
  • Learn how to establish a happy marriage with a man from any of these archetypes
  • Learn how to seduce and punish each of these archetypes

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