Five Ways to Look Stylish All the Time!

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Five Ways to Look Stylish All the Time!

How many of you have wardrobes full of clothes but still have nothing to wear?

Many, I assume. Why does this happen? Don’t we buy enough clothes to have something for every occasion? Don’t we have enough taste to choose what to wear?

Yes, we do. That’s now the issue. We can look flawless every day without having to purchase tons of clothes. All we need to know is how to put outfits together!

Here are five ways to be more stylish:

    • Create a capsule wardrobe. The emblematic little black dress, a pair of loved jeans, a classic blazer, and simple T-shirts are all you need to look stylish every single day! Invest in these classic pieces, as you will wear them again and again. They are the base upon which you can build your entire wardrobe.
    • Balance your proportions. You can play with proportion to create an overall balanced look. To do that, you should wear clothes that fit your body. Get to know your body shape! If your body is a Pear, you should wear tops and blouses with buffoon sleeves, as this will help balance your proportions and contribute to the harmony of your outfit.
    • Find your style. Finding your personal style is a long process. It takes us years to see what types of clothes, what colours, and what styles fit us best. Be ready to experiment. Allow yourself to try different colours, brands, styles, and shapes of clothing, just so you can figure out what works best for you.

  • Take a risk with colour. You need to get to know your Colour Season. It has to do with the colour of your eyes, the tone of your skin, and the tint of your hair. Usually, there are 2-3 colours that make you look horrific and 2-to 3 colours that accentuate your best features. Also, try to stay away from overly simple outfits, as they will leave you looking plain and ordinary. If you’re just starting to learn how to style yourselves, try to have a simple outfit on, and then spice it up by adding a pop of colour.
  • Mix and match different prints and fabrics. The days of matching your shoes to your bag are long gone! It is currently trendy to mix and match different colours and prints. If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest you start by mixing and matching simpler prints, such as stripes, and more neutral fabrics such as leather and knitwear.
  • BONUS! Add a belt. A belt will always make you look more put-together!

If you want to learn:

  • What clothes to bin?
  • What types of clothes are appropriate for your body shape?
  • What your Colour Season is?
  • How to mix and match different prints and fabrics?
  • How to develop your personal style?



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