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Why Do My Books Become Bestsellers?

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Why Do My Books Become Bestsellers?

When my very first book became a bestseller, and it sold out for two weeks, I accredited it to “beginner’s luck!” I had no clue what the true reason behind my success was! I did not know this success was caused—born and bred—by my own actions!

A while after, I finished writing my second book. It, too, sold out within weeks, turning into a bestseller! Why? That’s when I began to consider the causes of my success, wondering if I had done something to make this happen. I sat down and analyzed everything I had ever done. That’s how I realized I had been repeating the same steps again and again.

I noted these steps and shaped them as my personal algorithm for success. I then tested them when planning, writing and publishing my other books. Book after book, all of them turned into bestsellers! By now, I’ve got six published books and four e-books!

Here are the three steps that made this possible!

    • Content. You cannot be successful writers if what you write sucks! You may accidentally sell a lot of books the first time, but, as your readers will be disappointed, they will not purchase a book by you ever again. Your success will be short-lived. I may have known this on a subconscious level, as I have always crafted my books with extraordinary diligence, dedication, and love. As I was writing my books, I never thought about how much money they’d make me. I just strove to help people. I tried to share my knowledge in a comprehensible manner, just so many could use my experiences to improve their lives.

  • Cover. During my seminars, especially ones on the topics of love and dating, I often say the following: “Men are visual creatures. They will not get to know your personality—or see how loving, caring, and nurturing you are—if they’re not first attracted to your appearance.” The same holds true for books. You may have written a masterpiece; however, there is no way for readers to know this without having read the book. Therefore, you should catch their interest, make them pick up and purchase your book by choosing “an attractive” cover. Your cover is crucial to the success of your book. Trust the best—and only the best!
  • Audience. Every book targets a certain audience. My books are tailored to the needs and worries of my audience. They provide my audience with value—by teaching people how to improve their lives, establish successful relationships, and develop the business of their dreams. You can build your own ethos by providing others with value and showing them how much they can learn from your expertise. Once you’ve done that, people will buy your books again and again, certain they’ll receive what they’re looking for—and more!

If you want to:

  • Dive deep into my algorithm,
  • Figure out how to write and structure your book,
  • Understand how to begin the writing process,
  • Cope with writer’s block
  • And learn how to publish your book,


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