How to Meet The One?

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How to Meet The One?

Despite the limitless personal and professional opportunities we encounter, we, as women, long for love.

  • We yearn to give love and to be loved.
  • We wish to be vulnerable, to have someone else care for us.
  • We want to relax in someone’s arms and enjoy the moment.
  • We hope to find a strong man who can support us.
  • We dream to share our joys and worries with a special someone.
  • We pine for a family—children and a home.
  • We desire passionate nights with the one with love.

Unfortunately, wanting isn’t the same as having. Many women come to me, stating one simple problem. “I cannot find him!” they exclaim. These women are either unable to find the man they desire or struggle to meet men at all! So, they end up single.

If you relate to these women, you may find the following five tips useful!

    • Inner Work. To find “the One,” you have to become a strong, individualized, confident woman first. You have to work on yourself—try to become the best version of yourself! Inner work includes, but is not limited to, healing from trauma, stepping outside your shadow, and becoming a mature person. Free yourself from the past—and all the man that characterize it!
    • Outer work. Once you’ve done the inner work and successfully turned into a mature, responsible person, you can start thinking about your appearance. Men, after all, will never get to know you if they were not attracted to you first. Get in shape! Change your haircut if necessary. Take care of your skin. Get a manicure. Learn to do your makeup.
    • Don’t wait for Prince Charming! Love isn’t a fairy tale. Real-life men have nothing in common with the perfect men from the movies. Don’t wait for Prince Charming! He does not exist. Men, like women, are not perfect. They are humans, too, with their flaws and imperfections. Don’t confuse the “right” man for the “perfect” man, as you’ll simply never encounter the latter. There are so many high-value men that you may reject simply because your standards are too high—because you expect perfection.

  • Take action. Many women say they are looking for a man, but, in truth, they don’t do anything. If you want a relationship, you’ve got to take action! Use every opportunity you’ve got to meet new people. Social media, your friend circle, your local community— here are three ways you can meet respectable men. Use them to your advantage! Even if you are a fan of the ‘traditional stuff,’ meaning you want to meet someone randomly rather than on a dating app, I suggest you should try creating a dating app profile. You never know where you’ll meet your person! Also, please stop denying your friends invitations to go out more and meet more people. Be more social. Go to new places: change your gym, register for a new language course, etc.
  • Have faith. Above all, you must have faith in yourself. Be certain of your worth. Know that you deserve a worthy man. Assure yourself that you’ve got so much to offer. Also, please trust the process. You won’t find “the One” on the first try. You’ll have to go on unpleasant dates and meet unattractive guys. Don’t lose hope!

To help guide you through this process, I have created a special new Online Webinar “How to Become the Air He is Breathing” 

Throughout this marathon, you will:

  • Find a few dating ideas where you can meet “the One.”
  • Learn how to create a compelling dating app profile.
  • Understand how to communicate with men to spark their interest.
  • See how to prepare for a successful first date.
  • Discover how you can turn yourself into a magnetic, unforgettable woman.



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