My Secret Weapon as a Psychologist

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My Secret Weapon as a Psychologist

I adore constellations! Many of you know I often work with constellations—during webinars and in-person seminars—to help you achieve your dreams. Constellations are my secret weapon!

Constellations help me analyse you. They also allow me to locate the roots of your problems. Constellations work effectively, helping me decipher all sorts of situations and all sorts of problems. Thanks to constellations, my patients learn what they can and should change, coming to heal from old pain and trauma.

Constellations are like maps of your life—maps that allow me to trace your movements and figure out how you became the people you are today. In this way, constellations shorten the therapeutic process and help me bypass the effective yet time-consuming process of long conversations between therapists and patients.

How can constellations be useful? What areas of your life could they impact?

    1. Love and Familial Relationships. Constellations can deal with a plethora of family-related questions, including the relationships between spouses, siblings, parents and children. Constellations help patients break free from negative familial patterns of behaviour and free them from repeating past mistakes.
    2. Professional Development. Constellations allow patients to test and try out new career strategies and projects. They encourage patients to think ahead while still keeping track of their personal life. On top of that, constellations can help us understand why we struggle at work, why we do not get along with our colleagues and superiors.

  1. Health. Constellations can help us cure different health problems. They can also ameliorate the symptoms of existing diseases. Sometimes, illnesses occur when we’re dissatisfied with a given aspect of our lives—such as our love life or our professional development. Constellations help patients import their overall health and heal!

Many of you asked me to create a seminar about constellations. I did!


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