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The Energy of Love

Everything is energy—the matter you see, the people you meet, the movements you make. We are energy.

Love is one of the highest forms of energy. Like all other manifestations of energy on our Earth, love creates, transmits, and exchanges. I believe love is the force that defines our level of happiness and takes us closer to—or farther from—our dreams.

The energy of love has four sources:

  1. Your parents and your family. The main source of love for a child is their family, specifically their parents. Parental care, support, and attention charges children with the energy of love. Even when you become an adult, your parents remain a source of this energy, though you start to get it from other sources. Often, people who lack the necessary energy to attract what they want have lacked a potent source of energy during their childhoods. If you lacked support, love, and warmth, if you were neglected and abandoned, you have accumulated a different type of vibration. Chances are, you lack the energy of love and struggle to materialize your desires.
  2. Your closest friends. As soon as you learn how to walk and start attending pre-school, your socialization process begins. You grow closer to your peers and slowly drift away from your family. This tendency becomes even more pronounced in your late teens, when you spend more time with friends and seek their approval. In this case, you give your friends the energy of love, and they reciprocate. You know that just a few hours with them will charge your energetic field and make you happier. Sadly, given the current pandemic, isolation and desocialization have stopped this energy exchange, leaving many of us lonely and unhappy.
  3. Your partner. Romantic relationships and the energy exchange they lead to are an even more potent source of love. When the person you love enters a room, for instance, you feel charged with their energy. You feel happy, secure, and excited—all because of their energy. Although this is a good thing, such feelings can make you dependent on a relationship; you may grow to expect your entire energy of love to come from your romantic relationship. These feelings can also create a parasitic situation—when one of the two partners sucks this positive energy out of the other without reciprocating.
  4. Your own self. You can create the energy of love by loving and respecting yourself. You can also create this energy by supporting, forgiving, and encouraging yourself.

You need the energy of love to be happy and healthy, to become one with the world, and to attract whatever you desire. Most people hope to obtain that energy through one of two sources; this, however, often leads these people to lose the energy of love when breaking up with a partner, losing a parent, or being betrayed by a friend.

If you seek to submerge yourself in the energy of love, you have to obtain it from each of the aforementioned four sources. To do so, you should first correct and improve the relationship you have with your parents. Figure out if this relationship depletes your energy! Second, consider the people you spend most time with. Are they toxic? Third, develop a deep and strong relationship with your partner; yet do not grow dependent on them. Fourth, learn to create the energy of love on your own!


Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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