The Flow of Happiness

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The Flow of Happiness

We live in a diverse world. We have different backgrounds, stories, races, and ethnicities. Yet, we all share our desire to be happy. The uncertain times in which we live only seem to strengthen our necessity for happiness.

Although the definition of happiness is an individual manner, happiness is achievable for every one of us.

What is the flow of happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind, a condition of the soul. Being happy means being in alignment with the world around us. If we manage to harmonize with the flow of the world, we will find it a lot easier to materialize our desires and remain calm and balanced.

How do we deviate from the flow of happiness?

Pain drives us outside the flow of happiness. Though the roots of pain are innumerable, pain is often caused by:

  • Problematic and Difficult Family Experiences
  • Childhood trauma
  • Negative Parents
  • Negative Environment
  • Subjecting to the desires of others rather than listening to our intuition
  • Unfortunate Life Events
  • Sickness and Disability—whether is it our own or of our loved ones

How can we return to the flow of happiness?

  1. You have to find the roots of your pain. Then, you have to heal your wounds.
  2. You have to discover your true desires. Eliminate ambitions that others have imposed on you.
  3. Stop pursuing goals that have never been yours, to begin with. This is how you can save some energy, which you will then use to achieve your own dreams. Visualize your dream life. At this point in your journey, certain (good) things will begin happening. This is a sign you’re on the right path—you’re about to enter the flow of happiness!
  4. The fourth and final step is to become one with the flow of happiness. You can do this by doing practices that reawaken the energy of the flow and increase your vibrations.

We will go through these four steps together in my webinar “5 Working Keys for Happiness


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