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Constellations are a psychological method that allows us to gaze at life situations from a different angle. Constellations bring repressed feelings to the surface, helping us realize often-unconscious emotions. Much like jewellery, watches, and real estate, such emotions can be passed down, from one generation to the next.

Constellations combine the wisdom of past and present generations, becoming one of the most successful psychotherapeutic tools.

To do a constellation, we usually work with the layers of the unconscious, seeking the information that hides therein. Interestingly, we do not do this with just our own unconscious minds but also with the ones of our forefathers; in a way, we work with the collective unconscious.

Though remembering our past, as well as that of our kinds, we can liberate ourselves from the hardships that affected us—consciously or not. Our families have typically gone through lots of traumatic events—including wars, revolutions, economic depressions, starvation, slavery, and so on. One does not have to take part in these events to be profoundly affected by them! There isn’t a single family in this world that has not been touched by tragedy.

We all suffer from collective traumas—that stem from a generation, or two, or three back—that we carry but do not acknowledge. Constellations help us realize the presence of such traumas before helping us heal from them.

Epigenetics, a study of the interactions between behaviour and the environment can alter our genetic makeup, has found that trauma is genetically inheritable. Fortunately, we can heal from it and break the barrier that hinders us from living fruitful lives.

Constellations can help us heal in different ways. With their help, we can examine various areas of our lives, including:

  • Money
  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Familial Patterns
  • Success
  • Health
  • Career
  • Life Mission
  • Body
  • And so on…

Constellations aren’t magic. Yet, they are one of the most effective ways to explore personal dilemmas, overcome individual and familial trauma, and change your life!

According to the laws of generational trauma, it is up to you to cut this cycle. You can bravely decide to change now, thus making the first domino of joy fall, or you may never work on yourself, passing down pain and trauma to your children – if you ever have children…

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