The art of loving yourself

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The art of loving yourself

Loving yourself is a very hot topic, but even though we think there is nothing more to say about it, I actually want to give a different point of view.

Many people actually have misconceptions about what it means to love yourself.

Loving yourself does NOT mean:

  • to think that you are better than others
  • to be arrogant and conceited
  • not to accept criticism even when it is constructive
  • to put up with your weaknesses
  • to go with the flow
  • to think of yourself as perfect and sinless

What it REALLY means to love yourself:

  • to accept those aspects of yourself that you cannot change
  • to reconcile with yourself and with the fact that you will not always do the best
  • to realize your uniqueness and authenticity
  • to develop yourself and improve your weaknesses
  • to know your strengths and talents so that you can show them to the world
  • that you are just a person, but you know you have potential
  • to look for strength inside yourself, not in the outside world
  • to allow yourself relaxation and pleasure

To love yourself, you must first accept yourself, your actions so far, and your past. This stage feels like relaxation and surrender. That’s me and that’s enough.

The second stage is to invest in yourself and develop your potential. “I’m not perfect and I won’t be, but let me be the best version of myself.” That means to work for your personal growth.

Here’s how to master the art of loving yourself on three levels:

  • Your body
    • You practice self-love by taking care of your body: you eat healthy, exercise, rest, and find time for yourself.
  • Your mind
    • The mind, like the body, needs food and exercise. Train it by learning new and interesting things for you, use positive affirmations, watch good movies and read valuable books. Brain support also helps prevent certain diseases.
  • Your soul
    • The soul is the most intimate and fragile part of you, so it also requires special care. Meditate often, go to therapy, walk in nature, do art.

What is the result of practicing self-love? When you love yourself:

  • the whole world loves you
  • you are healthy and beautiful
  • you wake up with energy and desire for life
  • you have a happy and harmonious relationship
  • you easily attract what you want in your life

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  1. So true. Natalia has helped me tremendously and her programs are the best in the self help space

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