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How to tighten your intimate mussels after childbirth?

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How to tighten your intimate mussels after childbirth?

Right after they have a baby, women face two main problems. The first problem is psychological: over 40% of new moms lack sexual desire during the first 3 months after birth, and 18% do not want to have sex for an entire year! The second problem is purely physiological: vaginal looseness and discomfort. Following childbirth, many women experience a dose of discomfort during intercourse, which leads them to avoid sex. Some seem to think this is an outcome of… a looser vagina!

Let’s talk about this.

The vagina consists of blood vessels, muscles, and vaginal mucosa. During childbirth, the vaginal muscles stretch to let the baby out, leaving many mothers worried about the looseness of their vaginas. Luckily, the OB-GYN Arnold Kegel created an effective method to tighten the vagina after childbirth. Before you start using his system, however, you have got to locate your muscles. Insert your middle finger into your vagina and tighten your vaginal walls around it. If you don’t want to do this, you could do something else: go to the restroom and, when peeing, try to stop the stream two times. Your vaginal muscles will enable you to do this.

Now, once you have done this, you can start doing Kegel’s main exercises. It’s been proven that women who do them over the course of two months will successfully tighten their vaginas. It’s a matter of will!

Kegel’s exercises:

  • Tightening. Inhale through your nose. Hold your breath and, as you do that, tighten your vaginal muscles. Squat and tighten the muscles of your tights. Purse your lips and close your eyes as strongly as you can. Try to maintain this tightness for at least ten seconds. Once you’re done, breathe out through your mouth, releasing a harsh sound. Do this 10-15 times.
  • Blinking. Tighten and relax the muscles of the vagina. As you do that, try to also use your fists and eyes. Tighten and relax your fists. Close and open your eyes. Repeat ten times without interruption, as fast as possible. Try to do 10 series of this exercise.
  • Pushing. Imagine that you are giving birth. Start “pushing” with your vagina slowly and patiently. You will feel the tension in the muscles of the anus and in the abdominal plates. Do this for 20-30 seconds and keep doing it for 3-5 sets.
  • Vaginal balls. These are two connected balls with a string at one end. Before use, make sure to clean and moisten these balls with lubricant. Put small weights on the rope; try to hold the balls with your vaginal muscles. Busy business ladies can do this while bathing. Put shower gel on the hook and tighten your muscles for 10-15 minutes. If you can’t keep the balls inside, then you have taken too much weight. Try something lighter instead.

I am not saying these will be easy to do. They’re not. They are time-consuming. But the results are worth it! Women who exercise their vaginal muscles get more orgasms. Their orgasms are stronger, more intense, and easier to reach. On top of that, because these women know how to tighten their muscles, they are able to give their sexual partners more pleasure!

Kegel’s exercises can be done by women who have just given birth—as well as those who haven’t given birth yet! Moms should do these exercises at least 3 weeks after giving birth and speak with their doctors before they begin.

As long as women do these exercises regularly, they will be able to tighten their vaginas! Their partners, of course, will sense the difference!

There is no such thing as a loose vagina! There are only laziness and a lack of initiative to work on the tightness of our vaginas!


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