How women lost their SUPERPOWER?

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How women lost their SUPERPOWER?

Lately, I have been shocking my clients when I tell them that it is NORMAL to feel almost constantly calm, satisfied, and full of energy. Then they start explaining to me that this is impossible because there are thousands of things to do, constant appointments and this is exhausting them, but they are trying to reconcile because life is like that.

I have this conversation with 85% of the women I work with and I realized that it is time to clarify more about our energy. The topic turns out to be still unfamiliar to you and is especially important for both sexes.

We all have two types of energy – male and female. From birth, one is more dominant than the other, but it is important to strive for a balance between them in order to have a fulfilling life.

The masculine energy is expressed in aspiration, focus, purposefulness, confidence. It is action-oriented. Feminine energy, on the contrary, is oriented towards feelings and emotions, towards receiving, towards care and empathy, towards lightness. It simply means being.

How do women lose their energy balance?

  • In order to compete in the male-dominated corporate world, we purposefully change ourselves and lose some of our innate strength;
  • We forget how to “soften” ourselves after the workday is over;
  • We feel unbalanced, stressed, and stuck;
  • We become rigid and lose our flow;
  • We begin to perceive other women as a threat;
  • We try to play the role of heroine and Miss “I can do anything”;
  • We attract into our lives men with a dominant feminine energy.

The outcome is that we work to exhaustion and do not feel satisfied with our success. In our private life, we find ourselves with a partner who fails to step into his male energy and therefore does not meet our needs. Sensing this, he becomes gloomy and dissatisfied with himself.

It’s time to get things back to where they were and women to become women again! It is time to discover our SUPERPOWER and to come true, to feel, and to live with ease through it!

3 easy practices to help you unlock your feminine energy and get back into the flow:

  1. Dance – dance helps us to turn off the mind and let the body guide us. All you need is a little privacy, a playlist with favorite songs and to allow yourself to move – wild, sensual, and feminine.
  2. Take a day-off – set aside one day a week that is just for you and what you want to do. Do not plan anything for that day, do not take any appointments. Just allow yourself a day only for yourself! Take care of your own needs and recharge your batteries.
  3. Get creative – there is nothing more feminine than to create and be creative. It is no coincidence that the mythology muses are all women. Find an activity that suits your personality and brings you pleasure – crafts, painting, writing, cooking, sewing, gardening – there are thousands of possibilities.

There are many more ways to step into the feminine energy field and to start receiving with ease: breathing practices, meditations, mantras, constellations with shamanic elements. I will reveal all of them at the Geisha Marathon, sign up HERE.

Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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