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Mom and Dad, I love you!

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Mom and Dad, I love you!

Today I want to talk about one of the most important people in our lives – our parents.

How many of us have a problematic relationship with them?

By problem I mean if you have no connection or communication with them at all or you speak to each other every day (both options are a problem).

When you repeat the same negative scenarios (for example, an alcoholic father and husband)

When you can’t stop their voice in you and they annoy you; when you constantly expect something from them – all of this is a big problem!

If you have the same diseases and problems with your body as your parents.

If you have anger, insult, condemnation, neglect, etc. towards them.

All this prevents you from becoming happy in your life!


Let’s go into details:

When we lack our father’s love, we have no faith in ourselves, we cannot find the mission in our lives, we constantly have problems with money and we feel small and insignificant.

In relationships – we just “dissolve” and disappear. As long as someone gives us a little attention, we throw ourselves like a hungry dog ​​just to get it. This type of woman often chooses bad boys for men, wanting to give them so much attention and love that these boys become princes.

These women give too much. And they never get anything in return. The man next to her becomes busier and busier, has no time and energy for her, and gradually disappears, and she remains with a broken heart ❤.

It is important to remember that you have a father! He is always by your side! Every cell of the body is he.

And he asked to have you in this life. Just imagine your father telling you: my little girl, I love you very much and I will always be by your side.

We will work together on the Webinar: Dad, I love you! (constellations for father)


Why is the mother so important to us?

Through the mother, we learn to receive love. Through her, we become women and accept our incredibly strong and deep femininity. In this regard, we allow ourselves to receive love and support from all the people around us.

It is important to realize that the mother always lives in us and if we love her – only then can we love ourselves.

That is why it is so important to build the right energy and mental relationships with our parents and to build the right images of them within ourselves.

In order to learn how to accept our parents and work out our relationship with them, join our transformational process.

If this vibrates in you – I will be waiting for you at this transformation!

Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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