How to throw your man into his lover’s arms

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How to throw your man into his lover’s arms

From my work with women for the last 15 years, I see that many wives push their man BY THEMSELVES into their lover’s arms.

You don’t trust me?

Shall I prove it to you?

Read the article and see if you make these classical mistakes.

  1. You are more important than your loved one – Girls, there’s no one in the whole world that is more important than you. Do you remember what the New Testament says: love your neighbor as you love yourself. So if you do not love yourself, how are you going to love others? Stop leaving everything behind just because he called you, like this is the most important thing in your life. You are not on a call! You are valuable and important and your time and obligations matter. If he wants to see you, it is important to agree with you beforehand and not at the last moment when some more important appointment got accidentally canceled.
  2. Have a job and your own money many Vedic school fans say: only he has to make money, I am a woman. Sure, let him make money, we do not interfere with that, we even motivate him. But a woman who has her own financial independence and freedom is a woman who is capable of building a relationship between a man and a woman. There are million cases in history when men make women dependent on them and later find a younger and more beautiful woman. Usually the wife is left on the street. In addition, the modern man greatly respects a working woman who also supports the family budget. Again, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to work. It’s good if he puts more money in the family budget. But it’s important for you to work and to have your own money.
  3. Never neglect pleasure and development because of family commitment. You are not a free housekeeper. He doesn’t have to see you in the bathroom washing the floor. You are a woman – sex-muse! Almost all the wives that are being cheated on, have forgotten what it is to do what they really like. If you like to travel – travel. If you like massages – go. You like reading or going to the theater – do it! No man or children are ever going to appreciate all the sacrifices you make for them. On the contrary, they will tell you that you are not doing enough. Whereas, women who know how to combine household chores and their own pleasures are pursued and interesting. You shouldn’t be taken for granted. You are a woman.
  4. Seduce – what are you waiting for? Yes, with years going by, the desire may decrease. But it’s decreasing because for such long time you are not doing anything to keep it. What does the lover do? She is always sexy, horny and ready for sex. She wears sexy underwear, beautiful make-up and sends spicy messages. You, on the other hand, are asking him what is he going to eat today and when is he coming home. Especially when you have kids, it is very important to give attention to your husband because usually he feels abandoned. This is why he begins to cheat on you.
  5. Be happy no one runs from a happy woman. She is so desirable, magnetic and attractive that everyone wish to be around her, close to her including your loved one. So please do not expect him to make you happy. This is your own responsibility. Take control over it!

Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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