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Test: Find out what kind of man is beside you and whether you are suitable for each other?

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Test: Find out what kind of man is beside you and whether you are suitable for each other?

The test is prepared by Natalia Kobylkina on the basis of the C.G. Jung’s theory “Collective unconscious and archetypes”. Nowadays, this theory is one of the greatest treasures that have been discovered by psychologists. The test consists of two parts. The first one allows you to understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, what and how you can change in yourself in order to have a harmonious personal life. It also gives you guidance on what type of partner is suitable for marriage and what type of partner you can build friendships or business communications with. The second part reveals what your current partner or man you desire is. When you discover your and his dominant archetype, you will find the answers of many questions about your relationship.

Tip: In order for the test to be as objective as possible, if possible, consult with your partner if you are not sure about any of the answers.

Choose one of the four options that is best for him and mark a, b, c or d.

  • 1.What character does he like most?

А – Richard Branson

В – Alfred Hitchcock

С – David Beckham

D – Vladimir Putin

  • 2. What kind of clothes does he like to wear?

А – He should feel free in his clothes and he is often in sports wear, comfortable for extreme type of life, he loves expensive watches, leather collars and men’s rough style of clothing.

В – Comfortably, comfort is the most important to him, he buys clothes easily and quickly. They are not important to him. Often his wife buys clothes for him. Jeans and T-shirt are his favorite clothes.

С – I want the clothes not to be very expensive, but to look good too and expensive brands to be shown off. He shows great taste and clothes match very well, he has the courage to wear bright colors.

D – Conservative, costume type of man, symmetrical one-color clothing. His most favourite clothing is the costume, the shirt and the tie. Often this is camouflage or of military form. He loves uniforms. He often has a particular brand that he wears for many years and it shows his status.

  • 3. If he has to describe the perfect woman for him, she is …

А – Admired and impressed by him, a good housewife, faithful and he can rely on her. She has a good character, it is important for her to cook and take good care of the children. Usually she is not a very bright woman. She prefers an ordinary style of clothing.

В – Intelligent, confident, smart, reliable, with a good profession and he can rely on her. She is practical and controlling. She chooses the place for vacation, the school for the children and even the positions in sex.

С – Bright, energetic, independent, she knows what she wants and she gets it, sexual, attractive, desired by other men. This type of women involves often business women, successful, earning good money and freedom-loving.

D – Pretty and obedient, emotional, she does what he wants, she always keeps herself up and even is a little spoiled. The woman here is definitely very emotional, sensitive and in need.

  • 4. His main value is

А – Freedom, new things and to make a revolution. He does what he really wants. He is always ready to take risks and do new things. These are men who go abroad. They easily learn foreign languages, build businesses from something. They have many ideas. He greatly delegate and build empires. He is ready for anything to achieve his goal. These are businessmen and people who value being free and not having a boss. They bear a responsibility and sometimes they play with the law.

В – His inner world and to create. He wants from people to leave him alone so he can do whatever he wants, he likes to think and not talk much, he feels comfortable alone and does not want anyone to cross his boundaries. Money is not so important to him. He wants recognition for what he does.

С – Money, his wife, children and house. The woman also plays a big role in the life of this type of man. Often they work together and she can even support him financially. It is important that she is happy and be beside him, she is his muse and he is very fond of his family and children, he is a super dad. Money is the basis for him. When he has no money, he does not feel well, so he tries to have a good income.

D – The power. Here we can find a lot of politicians and civil servants. He loves security and stability. He often works in corporations and slowly makes progress from the bottom to the top. He loves and can manage teams. He likes to build a business / company, to communicate with people, to achieve his goals. He is a strong man and knows exactly what he wants.

  • 5. He is dreaming of…

А – Business and freedom! He cannot obey anyone. He wants to have his own business and to follow his mission, to travel around the world and see something new, he wants to create something new that has not existed before.

В – something creative, great and enjoy his invention, program, etc.

С – having a lot of money, a beautiful house and live the way he wants, to be with a nice woman.

D – managing staff or working in a large company and be a Director. It is important that he is the most important person.

  • 6. What does he like to do in his spare time?

А – Parties, fun, socializing or extreme sports.

В – Read an interesting book, to write something or think of something.

С – Have sex with a nice woman on a luxury vacation, he loves luxury, restaurants and massages.

D – Be with a girlfriend at a nice place, to read in peace.

  • 7. Work for him is

А – The mission of his life, success, a challenge, jumping over himself, having fun when working, he can show himself there.

В – Creativity and self-realization, he likes what he does.

С – A way of making money.

D – The power and proving that he is the boss, the basis of his life, a way of proving that he can do anything.

  • 8. Family for him is

А – An important part, but mainly because of the children, there are other goals in life.

В – Some obligations – of course he should have a family.

С – Everything, he loves his wife and children a lot and he cannot imagine his life without a family.

D – He loves his family and takes care of it very much, especially financially.

  • 9. Money for him is

А – An opportunity to travel, look good, invest in his mission and develop his business.

В – He needs the money to live and support his family but it is not that important.

С – Money is never enough for him, he always has new desires for his desired luxury life.

D – The equivalent of his success, money is important to him.

  • 10. Sex for him is

А – Extremely important, he has a lot of sexual energy, he likes to flirt and go out with beautiful women. He is prone to polygamy. In sex, he is selfish. He can be rough.

В – It is good to have it, but it is not the meaning of his life. This is the type of men who like tantric sex.

С – He does not feel well without good sex, sex is an experience for him, but he is not a sex maniac. It is important for him if the woman likes it and then he is happy too.

D – Sex is important, he cannot imagine his life without it.

  • 11. If you want to get something from him, you have to be

А – Kind and convince him that I really need it. And to want more. You won’t get everything, but at least some of it. You should give him good reasons and get what you want when he is in a good mood or feels guilty about something.

В – tell him clearly and accurately, show him, and even go with him and get it together.

С –  He only gives to women who he loves very much and who are strong and even more successful than he is. If the woman is weak and in need, this repels him and then often he does not give anything. He gives to his muse.

D – He will give me everything I want if that makes me happy. But you have to want through feelings and emotions.

  • 12. What can push him away from a woman is if she…

А – does not listen to him and does not want to follow him. If she is a bad housewife. If she is too strong and blames him. If she limits him and tries to control him.

В –is stupid. She does not bear any responsibility for the home and children. If she does not work and makes a lot of noise at home. If she cannot be his mother.

С – is dependent on him, she thinks he owes her something, she wants to stay home and waits for him to provide everything.

D – does not keep herself up and is ugly, she does not like sex and she is not sexual. She does not tolerate emancipated women. If she tries to control him or command him.

  • 13. If you need to describe him in a few words, which words would you use?

А – A real man, a strong, difficult and interesting man, he has many friends, a hobby and an active lifestyle.

В – Calm, intelligent, sometimes a little lazy.

С – Smart, unpredictable, he thinks fast and sees benefits everywhere. He likes to sell.

D – He is great, achieved a lot because he knows what he wants. He is a commander and always imposes his opinion.

  • 14. In what direction does he work?

А – His own business – he wants to work for himself, he cannot bear having a boss. He likes freedom and nature.

В – He makes and creates (programs, music, paintings, books, etc.), computers, IT-sector, creative activity, where the human factor is of no particular importance. Writers, doctors, intellectuals are here.

С – Sales, a hotel manager, restaurant manager, spa manager, actor, singer, something related to advertising, PR – where the human factor and sales are important.

D – Politician. He is a manager, he serves in the Army, Navy, a Civil service officer, Policeman, Fireman.

  • 15. What is he scared of the most?

А – Not having the freedom to do whatever he wants.

В – Failing to realize his projects and works.

С – Becoming bankrupt and loosing his wife and family.

D – Not being able to control and command.

Result: count how many A, B, C and D you have. What you have most of is his main type. What is the least is not important to him and he has no need for it.

Type А – The man-discoverer

For you: He loves new things, he does not like to stay in the same place, it is important for him to have his own business. He is a businessman and makes successful businesses. Life for him is somewhat of a stage where he can show himself. He likes to be the center of attention. Christopher Columbus and the other well-known discoverers are of his type. He likes to experiment and do what no one else has done before. The rules of society are important to him, but on the other hand – he likes to violate them. He changes his job with great pleasure and he likes to live in different countries. He does different types of sports. He constantly searches for himself. He talks a lot and mostly about himself. Usually he dresses very modernly, has nice perfume. He keeps himself up. He likes to show luxury. For him family is a quiet port where he likes to come back after love storms.

Strengths: creativity and courage, the ability to take risks. If there weren’t people like him, we might still be living without America and without great geographical discoveries. He is irreplaceable at parties and events. When he arrives somewhere, fun comes in with him. Therefore, he has many friends and acquaintances.

Weaknesses: he does not always bring things to the end, it is important to him what people will say or think. He is not very easy for a family life because he is often quite egocentric and his desires are always the most important. He is prone to polygamy. Often life with him is quite risky. He likes to socialize more with men and you should not restrict him in that.

What type of women are suitable for him: for marriage – a girl and a mother, who endlessly admires men like him endlessly and is ready to listen to his stories for hours. But while he conquers new horizons, he needs food and someone to look after the children, therefore the woman-housewife is very suitable for the role of a wife. Sometimes, only friendly relationships with a woman-queen are good, otherwise a complete misunderstanding reigns between them. Relationships with a woman-lover are difficult, on the one hand he is attracted by her, on the other hand, they both love attention and admiration and are not always ready to compromise, so there is only a flirtation there.

Famous men here are Richard Branson. Movies about them Aviator – this type is classically shown.

Type В – The man- creator

For him: his inner world is important and he feels comfortable in this world. Intelligent, deep, reliable. He knows what he wants and goes at his own pace, he does not care at all about the opinion of others. He usually falls in love only once and for life. But the woman is not a basis of his life. It is important for him to have self-realization and peace of mind. He loves to have his own private space where nobody is allowed to enter. He is the type of man for whom the most important thing is his inner world. In terms of work, he is of the type of IT specialists, artists, musicians and writers. People who love deep things. He probably does not like superficial people. It is not important to him how he is dressed, that is why sometimes he does not look after himself very well.

Strengths: depth, fidelity and stability. It is very easy to live with him. He gives freedom to his half, but he expects the same from her. He wants the woman not to stop him from working. Women love him a lot and often the relationship quickly becomes serious and culminates in marriage. He is a caring father and a faithful husband.

Weaknesses: sometimes he is not fast and he does not always have the ambition and belief in himself. He does not always succeed in making a woman laugh and sometimes feels that he is not so funny and the women beside him are bored.

He cannot take the initiative and you must lead it. He does not always succeed in what he wants and sometimes stays in the position of an unrealized man.

What type of women are suitable for him: a woman-queen and a mother. She is very suitable for a wife. She gives him power and financial stability, he has the time to create and live in a way he likes. Such a woman has to care to be tidy and nicely at home for both of them. The relationship with a woman-girl is difficult, she needs help, so does he. He prefers to get rather than give. The woman-lover is attractive for him, but she wants sex and not always accepts that he makes a new program at the moment and it is more important for him than the sex.

Famous men: Salvador Dali, Hitchcock. Recommended movie: Hitchcock.

Type C – The man-trader

For him: adventurous, active, trying many things. He dreams of a real happy family, loves spending time with his wife and children. He thinks quickly, he is always ready for a bargain and to do something profitable for him. But to be fair – sometimes his ideas are also beneficial to his partners and clients. He likes to learn and is pleased to develop new habits and skills, he never stops with that and invests with great pleasure in himself. Money is the most important thing for him. He likes to talk about money, sales, his business, how successful he is, etc. He likes to discuss how much his clothes, his car, his travels, etc. are worth.

Strengths: smart, successful, fast. He loves and can take risks in business. He is ready for changes. He manages to solve all his problems and the crisis is an opportunity for him. He does not stop and easily moves forward. He is a wonderful father and very devoted to his wife.

Weaknesses: he often runs out of money because he does not always know how to think well and spends money often on emotion. He thinks a lot about money and so he is dependent on it. That is why money often runs away from him. He has no will and power that women dream of. He loves strong women, and if you are weak – he can abandon you at that time.

What type of women are suitable for him: he likes to be interesting to him and that is why the queen and lover are very suitable for a wife. She must always be beautiful, strong, successful, freedom-loving and he should be afraid of losing her. Only then she is interesting to him. He loves bitches and women who have clear boundaries and can punish him if he is wrong. Of course it won’t be easy with them. But he likes to have difficulties, doesn’t he?!? Girls are not suitable – they annoy him with their weakness and emotionality. For him housewives are women from another universe and are not very interesting to him.

Famous men: Will Smith. Recommended movies: Focus.

Type DThe man – manager

For him: he loves power and that is the most important thing for him. He loves to manage and knows he is good at it. He is conservative and often in a marriage, a wife and even if he has no many emotions, it would be extremely difficult to break up with her. Unless a new woman shows up. He wants women to like his inner qualities and hates to talk about money. He likes to have fun and joy. He loves young and beautiful women. He can be very courteous. He likes to give them expensive gifts and make them happy. He is very caring and people strive to work with him. Women dream of marrying him. Men respect him, often his friends are not only friends but also business or sports partners.

However, he is extremely difficult for a family life. There are two opinions – his opinion and the wrong one. You must obey him and follow him.

Strengths: smart, masterful, dominant. He generates respect and admiration in people. People expect orders from him and support from him at the same time. He likes to be first. If he does something – he does it to the end and very professionally. He achieves a lot, thanks to his inner strength and desire to work hard. He is strict with himself and with others.

Weaknesses: he has a few weaknesses only. Sometimes he has no humanity and the ability to forgive. Not everyone is as brilliant and strong as he is.

What type of women are suitable for him:  a girl and a lover are suitable for marriage, (perfect if the woman combines both roles within herself). He likes their sexuality and their admiration toward him. It is important for him that she is beautiful and keeps herself up. He builds a business relationship with the woman-queen, she evokes respect in him. He doesn’t get along well with the woman-housewife because he thinks that there are house cleaners for the housework and his wife must be beautiful, he does not want to have a Cinderella at home. He wants and chooses to live with a princess.


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