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Are you ready to become a life-changer? Do you want to change your life and that of many people?

To become an expert at changing lives, you need to expand your knowledge and master a wide range of skills, which you’re already doing! However, as these bits of information and skills can hardly be taught in a single course, I found a way to spread them across my preparatory courses for entering the realm of coaching.

Part of my mission is to give back. And what better way to give back than by sharing my knowledge and my method with you, empowering you to change lives and live better yourselves? Let me teach you how to be a top-performing coach, who touches souls all across the globe and brings more light and love into this world. Jumpstart your journey to endless opportunities, professional freedom, positive karma, and success today. Finish my trademark Academy for Life-Changers and obtain a CPD certificate right away.

Think of them as a path with different road signs on it - road signs that you stop to explore before you continue on your journey.

Here is what is included:

I am a Female Coach

This is the first step on the path to becoming an expert in female coaching. You’ve already completed it! You’ve stopped and moved past this sign!

The Happy Woman System

To proceed with your journey, you need to complete Happy woman One & Happy Two. This will help you heal from trauma and “save” you from repeatedly attracting clients with traumas identical to your own. They will mark the start of a brand new life.

And don’t forget to sign up for the third part of the Happy Woman Series, where I’ll show you how to have high self-worth, live with your head held high, and never accept low standards and inappropriate behaviour. Unlike the first two parts of this program, Happy Woman III is not mandatory for your coaching certification. However, as it tackles problems that many women experience these days, I strongly recommend you take this course – to improve yourself and adopt foolproof methods for helping others increase their confidence and set clear boundaries.

Academy for Coaches

This is the step where you build on everything you’ve learned throughout I am a Female Coach and drastically expand your knowledge about the coaching industry. This is where you learn to speak in front of and captivate large crowds; influence group dynamics, and multiply your personal charisma.

Academy for Constellations I

This is an additional (yet recommended) step where you can master the art of leading constellations, which, as you now know, are an effective tool to enter the energetic field of any group or individual, heal family hierarchies, restore balance, and root out suppressed stories, fears, and events that continually impact one’s waking life.

Unlike most other online coaching academies, my Academy for Life-Changers guarantees you a CPD certificate - as long as you successfully complete the course, of course. This means that the certificate you obtain will be accepted by any country and institution! It also means that you’ll have mastered a far broader range of skills and knowledge than your average coach. My training school encompasses a wide selection of psychological approaches, constellation therapy methods, NLP practices, as well as business and leadership skills. This, I promise, is your chance to free yourself from a stagnant career, jumpstart your journey to success, and power through life with excellence and abundance.


$ 899
  • I am a Female Coach (cost $599)
  • Bundle Happy Woman (cost $199)
  • Academy for Coaches (cost $1999)
  • Academy for Constellations I (cost $1499)
  • CPD Certificate

Here’s what this program’s alumni say:

Snejana Gospodinova
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“I’ve been interested in family systems and constellations for a while. This program helped me pursue that interest, enabling me to learn so much about the laws and rules of family systems. Thanks to this program and Natalia’s amazing teaching skills, I’m ready to proceed to the next level.”
Dentisa Stefanova
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“I feel as if I finally found what I’ve been looking for my entire life. I feel more confident—certainly happier and more at peace. I feel inspired! I now dream big! I want. And I receive!”
Mikhaela Chakalova
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“This program was amazing! I am grateful that both my family and my clients will be able to heal their traumas through this life-changing method. It’s beyond effective! Some of my clients have already started sharing feedback with me, saying their lives have begun to change!”
Nina Kawaldjieva
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“This was great! I learned so much about family systems and familial relationships. I am now applying my knowledge to help my clients.”
Tsvetelina Mateeva
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“This program enriched my knowledge about constellations and expanded my skills. I now use a better, more effective method to lead constellations. This has helped me tremendously.”
Ekaterina Zakharieva
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“This was a positive experience. It awakened many questions, whose answers I am yet to find.”
Tsvetormira Miteva
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“Dear Natalia, I congratulate you and your team! I’m so grateful to you! I’ve followed you for over a year! I’ve attended your courses and seminars. I’ve fulfilled my dreams, accumulated savings, and achieved my goals (including obtaining a higher education degree). Thanks to you, I left my comfort zone and took risks! Thanks to you, I won so many times! I also eliminated a poor habit I used to have, and I did so with ease. Natalia, you inspired me to analyse myself. Following every marathon I attend, I feel drawn to reflect on myself and improve myself. Thanks to you, I left my previous job (in healthcare) and found a new one! I now care for people’s mental health—for the health of their souls! I started leading constellations and realized I was actually good at that! They helped both me and my clients recognize so much about ourselves. This was so thrilling! Of course, I could learn so much more! I want to learn more! I have re-watched your lectures. Every time I do so, I discover new things! I make new notes! I would love to meet you in person in Vienna, just so I could sense your energy. I’d also love to attend the second level of this Academy for Constellations. I wish you and your team to keep doing what you do! Thank you for inspiring us and helping us grow! Good luck! You’re wonderful!”


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