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3 steps

to the Dream Relationship

3 Steps to the Dream Relationship

Have you seen your friends fall in love and thought, I wish I were that happy?


Do you envy happy, loving couples?


Does the thought of dating make you anxious?


Do you feel you’re not good enough?


Do you worry no man will ever be right for you?


Do you fear you’ll end up an old maid?
We’ve all been there. But we don’t have to stay there.
With this 3-part program, you’ll eliminate your doubts and insecurities and attract the relationship of your dreams. From magnifying your feminine power, through learning seduction, all the way to selecting your Mr Right, this program holds the secrets to your romantic fulfilment.

Say yes! to femininity

Step One: Increase Your Feminine Energy

Men love feminine women. Your femininity is your most powerful weapon, and it will draw even the strongest of men to you. Harness your feminine power and become irresistible. I’ll teach you how.

Drive him crazy

Step Two: How to Drive Him Crazy

Seduction is a learnable skill, and it’s your picked it up. Master the art of seduction and understand how to make men obsessed with you. I can’t wait to reveal fool-proof feminine tricks and flirting strategies that have brought even the most powerful men to their knees.

See Mr Right

Step Three: How to Choose the Right Partner for You

There are right and wrong partners, and you must know how to spot them. Understand what type of men are right for you. See whose plans and character align with yours. With the right partner by your side, you’ll inevitably end up in the right relationship. Let me help you decode men–and teach you how to understand, seduce, and keep them. It’s all smooth sailing from here.

By the end of this program, you’ll have eliminated all doubt, multiplied your feminine energy, mastered seduction, and learned what men are best for you. No longer worried or anxious, you’ll have any man you desire in your feet. You’ll be confident, self-assured, and sensual--far, far more attractive than those women you used to envy before.

Well, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is take this first step. I’ll take care of the rest.

Hurry! Offer ending soon!

Price: $377

Here is what our clients have to say…

Mikhaela Chakalova
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This was amazing! It gave my inner child so much joy! I also built myself up as an adult! I adored this marathon!
Tsvetomira Miteva
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Thank you for inspiring me and for giving me so much positive energy! Good luck creating more miracles!
Vera N.
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I suggested my partner, a Creator, to get married after 13 years and 2 children together. We’ve got only 3 days left until we are officially husband and wife!
Ina Popova
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This was amazing! I am grateful to Natalia and her team! This helped me understand that I am a 0 (zero). I also recognised I am connected with my inner child--and that its voice is often silenced by my unhappy, adult self. Yet, my adult side is not properly developed. I, therefore, began working on developing my adult self through the power of will, persistence, and taking action. I stopped lying to myself. I began analysing my own character by examining the people I have around me. I started noticing what triggered me and how I responded to it. My reaction, I knew, reflected something I had buried deep within me. I also became more aware of my proclivity to become envious. Another thing I managed to do is establish deeper faith in myself and my ability to grow as an individual. To this day, I keep applying everything Natalia taught me--and I see my life changing as a result.
Valeria Kaldaramova
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I got to know myself better. I stopped insulting other people and began accepting their idiosyncrasies. I know that people’s “weirdness” is often a result of their childhood trauma.
Anita Fileva
Read More
I changed for the better. I improved my relationship with my mother and my attitude towards myself. I also changed my view on upcoming relationships and future partners.
Boyana Ruseva
Read More
I found sides of me that I needed to work on. I have hope that things will fall into place. I accept both my parents more easily. This marathon lifted a great burden off my soldiers.
Elena Alomar
Read More
This marathon helped me understand what years of therapy had failed to uncover. I plan to use my newfound knowledge to stop procrastinating on my professional goals. I thank Natalia and her team. I cannot wait to participate in upcoming programs.
Galya Meekova
Read More
Given the low cost, this is the perfect training. I adapted to the group quickly and managed to change my life!
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I’ve participated in a few of your courses. I don’t know which one of them impacted me most, but I do know I live with more ease today. I live with a sense of fulfilment, completion, joyfulness, excitement, tolerance, strength, love, and gratefulness. This marathon made me experience a lot of “aha!” moments. My worldview (and my life) changed as a result.
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I finally found the answers I was looking for. Prior to attending this marathon, I felt stuck! I felt as if I was living on autopilot--and not in control of my life. I now have new goals, which I intend to pursue persistently. I am trying to love myself more. Thank you, Natalia!
Krasimira Gergeva
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Following Geisha 1 and 2, I can confidently say I feel a lot more conscious of my actions. I know what I want to work on. I feel so grown up!
Anilesev Hristova
Read More
They told me that Geisha 1 and Geisha 2 would change my life forever. I didn’t believe them! But it’s so true! There is such a huge difference in my life now! I, therefore, wish all those pessimistic people out there to give these programs a shot and go through the hurricane of the Geisha programs. This will give you so many answers! I thank Natalia! Even though I like Natalia very much, I did not expect she could actually transform my life. But she did! Yes, I did feel some pain throughout the process. It’s not easy, let me tell you that. However, I believe it’s absolutely worth it! I now think I’ve got to attend a few other seminars! Natalia’s seminars make you starved for information! And, once you know where to find that information, you seize every chance you get! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re amazing.
Rossy Mikhailova
Read More
When I first recorded three aspects that I could improve, my career (as a lawyer) depended on external factors. However, as soon as I started working with Natalia, these external factors magically fell into place! I ended up winning a lottery and was selected as a criminal judge--which had been my biggest dream! A while after, my friend shared she admired me for finding a balance between work and my personal life. I have grown so much calmer and more composed since I started attending Natalia’s courses. I live in peace and harmony now! Geisha 3 was one of the most useful marathons I’ve ever participated in. It charged me with tons of positive energy! Thank you for everything.


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