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How to Prepare for Love?

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How to Prepare for Love?

We all want to be loved. Yet, not all of us are ready for love! As they say, luck favours the prepared. Well, the same holds true for love. It, too, favours the prepared.

So, how can we prepare ourselves for the love of our lives?

1.     Free yourself from all past attachments and relationships. If you’ve broken up with someone but still think about them, you must know that the “place by your side” is still taken by that person. In that case, you will either not meet anyone, or you will only meet people who are already taken. That is, once you’ve broken up with someone, make sure to erase all aspects of that person from your life. Delete old texts. Send them one last message, thanking them for the time you spent together. Show your respect. If you feel insulted, let them know with the help of a letter. Let the past go.

2.    Give yourselves some time to be single. As psychologists say, you need to be single for at least 1/10 of the time you spent in a relationship. That is, if you dated someone for 10 years, make sure to be single for 1 year following your breakup! Find love for yourself. Collect as much self-love as possible while you still don’t have a person by your side. Take care of yourself. Buy yourself presents. Eat good food and have fun! Do a hobby that recharges you! 

3.    Focus on the good. That’s an essential life skill. Every morning tell yourself one thing that you wish to happen during the day. Say, for example, “I want to see 20 beautiful women who smile at me” or “I want 20 high-value men to check me out!” Look for these things throughout the day.

4.   Flirt. Flirting is so much fun! Looking at someone with puppy eyes, smiling at them, and sending covert sexual signals… it’s all a game! If you want to learn more about flirting, check out my course “Flirtation and Seduction: How to Seduce with Class?’

5.    Meet new people every single day. Quantity can turn into quality–if you know what I mean. Learn how to communicate with men. Only after you’ve done so, feel free to move on to selecting the RIGHT men for you. Say “yes!” Go on as many dates as possible.

6.    Use the Internet! That’s a great resource—and a chance to meet the love of your life! Give it a shot!

7.    Ask the Universe for support. Ask the Universe to help you find and give love! Take the risk to invite love into your life. Pray daily, saying you’re finally ready for love. Give love to everyone, even the people you pass in the grocery market or on the street. Remember: love’s always ready to come into your life. All you’ve got to do is invite it in!

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