14 Facts about Men

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14 Facts about Men

My dearest ladies,

I would like to share 14 facts about men! These facts, as you will soon realize, will enable you to understand men far better. You will know what men want and how to establish relationships with them!

  • Fact One: Men want to make you happy. Learn to appreciate your partner’s gestures and attempts to satisfy you—even when they’re unsuccessful.
  • Fact Two: Men are sensitive, and they’re just waiting for the right time to reveal their emotions to you. How can you make them comfortable enough to share with you? You can do that by being vulnerable and revealing your own feelings and desires.
  • Fact Three: Men don’t want to be told what to do. Therefore, if you want to “correct” his behavior, let him know what you like and dislike in a gentle, respectful manner.
  • Fact Four: If you want to win a man on a first date, let him talk more. Just listen to him!
  • Fact Five: The compliments men give you are a gift. Thank them and note how much these compliments mean to you!
  • Fact Six: The more sensuality you ooze, the stronger your pull is! This is how you can influence men and their actions!
  • Fact Seven: Men express their most potent emotions not when they speak but when they’re making love.
  • Fact Eight: Don’t ever compete with your partner. This would push him away!
  • Fact Nine: Men need more space than women! Allow him enough time to enjoy his hobbies and hang out with his friends. When he returns home, the wait would have been worth it.
  • Fact Ten: Men are extremely sensitive to your tone of voice. When he reasons you’re blaming him, that’s only because your voice has a tinge of resentment.
  • Fact Eleven: Men dream of loving a woman who follows her own heart. They crave a woman who knows how to flirt and have fun.
  • Fact Twelve: If men forget something that you find important, don’t let yourself think they don’t love you.
  • Fact Thirteen: Men cannot always understand you, and, at times, they shouldn’t understand you. This doesn’t mean that they don’t love you.
  • Fact Fourteen: If you treat him like a man, your partner will value, respect, desire, and prioritize you.

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