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Good Manners Never Go Out of Fashion

Many people view good manners and etiquette as symbols of the past. “That’s… outdates!” they say, fully certain in their words.

They could not be more wrong! Today, manners and etiquette continue to be as significant as ever.

Above all, good manners and etiquette are about respect—towards yourself and towards others. They reflect our culture, upbringing, and attitude towards those around us. They shape our public persona! They also gift everyone with a dose of elegance, of idiosyncrasy. To obtain the “vibe” of a classy woman or a charming gentleman, you have to know and adhere to the rules of etiquette.

Because of my work, I have had the chance to meet and work with people from all corners of the globe. What I have noticed is that—no matter their country of origin—people with impeccable manners and impressive decorum always do the following:

  • They attract valuable people and form successful long-term friendships and relationships.
  • They are liked and appreciated.
  • They are trustworthy. Others trust them, calmly entering partnerships and signing contracts with them.
  • They achieve success quickly and easily.
  • They become role models for others.

Did this convince you of the importance of manners and etiquette? Good. Let’s move on.

Not all of us were born in rich or aristocratic families. However, we all live in wealth and splendor. It is up to us to become elegant and display good manners. Luckily, this can be learned!

Here are a few easy rules that you can follow to hone your manners and exude elegance:

    • When meeting someone for the first time, you should first introduce a man to a woman, the young to the old, the late arrivals to the already present. The person who’s introducing everyone else should remember to introduce themselves first.
    • When two couples meet, the ladies should salute each other first. The men should then welcome the ladies. Finally, the men can exchange a handshake.
    • Stand up and then offer a handshake. Do not do this when seated.
    • When on the street, the man should walk on the outer side of the pavement, sheltering the lady from the road.

  • When walking down the stairs, the man should be two or three steps ahead of the lady. In this way, he can help her if she falls.
  • When walking up the stairs, the man should be two or three steps ahead of the lady.
  • When taking a taxi, make sure to salute the driver first.
  • Men should walk out of public transport vehicles first, just so they could help ladies do the same. Men could help others by lifting their luggage and bags.
  • When gifting flowers, make sure that the flowers are an odd number. If the flowers are more than thirteen, you should make sure that the number of flowers can be divided by six. You should never gift thirteen flowers.
  • When should you begin eating? If there are less than eight people on the table, look at the hostess and begin eating only once they’ve done so.
  • When, at the beginning of a cocktail party, drinks are being served, make sure to keep your drink in your left hand. In this way, you will leave your right hand free, just so you can offer others a handshake.
  • At celebratory events, men should be the first to offer a toast. Women do not have to stand up.
  • If there is just one menu on the table, the man should offer it to the lady. She has the right to decline it and ask him to read it out loud to her. If there are a lot of people dining at the same time, everyone is given a menu, which they read on their own.
  • You can rest your wrists over the edge of the table. Ladies should not put their elbows on the table.
  • Fold your napkin in half and place it on your knees. You are not a kid—do not use it as a bib!
  • When pouring a drink, make sure to pour it into the glasses of others first. Serve yourself last.
  • You always place your bread plate on your left, and your drink – on the right. This can be easily remembered. Do the “Okay” sign with your hands. Notice how your left hand has formed the letter b – for bread, and your right hand has shaped a d – for a drink.
  1. Don’t place your phone on the table.
  2. Do you want to learn more about manners and etiquette?
  3. Do you want to understand how to navigate different social environments easily and thrive in every one of them?
  4. Do you want to figure out how to communicate masterfully, never needing to ask what is appropriate to say and what is not?



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