How Can We Spread our Wings and Fly?

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How Can We Spread our Wings and Fly?

We live life on autopilot, spending each day in the exact same way. We become slaves to our routine. Many of us never dare to change our job or try something new.

Stuck in one place, we sometimes dream of change; however, we never take a step towards transformation. Instead, we keep on, wondering why our lives are as miserable and unchanging as we’ve made them be.

One of the very first things I do when working with patients is to shake them up a bit. This is my personal attempt to wake them from the lethargic sleep that they call life. I give them homework assignments and exercises to encourage them to end the monotony. I strive to show them their inner reservoir—of energy, talents, and skills—that they can rely on to fly!

In the beginning, many of my patients share the following:

  • I feel weak and incapable. I cannot cope with hardship!
  • I fear I will lose the life balance I’ve worked hard to create.
  • I cannot loosen the tight grip I have on my life. I cannot lose control.
  • I wish to fly and live happily, bravely. Yet, I always seem to be missing something – whether it’d be energy or ability.

All these concerns are valid. Think about it – newborn birds do not fly out of the nest right after they’re born. No. They prepare. They observe the environment. And, most importantly, they watch their parents fly, and then, they do it, too.

If the aforementioned concerns seem familiar, here are the four steps that you may take to fly.

  1. Step One.
    Admit you want to fly. Many of us are resistant to dreaming. We believe we don’t deserve joy! So, instead of pursuing happiness, we do “what’s right.” Unfortunately, fulfilling duties is hardly as satisfying as pursuing one’s dreams. Therefore, the first step is to permit yourself the chance to fly—to allow yourself to live however you want, to feel happy, light, and satisfied.
  2. Step Two.
    Recognize what chains you to the ground. However hard we try to fly, our fears chain us to the ground—like heavy rocks tied around our ankles. Therefore, to fly, we should first break free from fear and trauma.
  3. Step Three.
    Be ready to leave your comfort zone. To turn off the autopilot, we should overcome our desire to be in control of everything. To do so, we often end up in situations we have never expected to encounter. We feel out of place. However, this is exactly how the process of transformation occurs: we need to feel a certain dose of discomfort before we can fly up to the sky. No bird has learned to fly in the comfort of its mother’s nest.
  4. Step Four.
    Define what “flying” means to you. In order to learn to live in our way, and follow our own rules, we must first figure out what we truly desire. Instead of focusing on what our Ego wants, or what other people want, we should zoom in on ourselves and reflect on our hopes, dreams, and wishes. Then, we should craft a list, noting what we long to do, possess, and achieve during our lifetime.

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