The most powerful sexual organ that most people completely ignore

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The most powerful sexual organ that most people completely ignore

Ah, that sex!

No matter how much is said about it, it will never be enough and will always arouse our curiosity. This has been the case for hundreds of years and will continue to be so, regardless of whether and how often we do it.

I have written dozens of articles on the subject, I have made so many free videos, not to mention all the sexology trainings. And yet you keep asking me questions, looking for information and help.

So I decided to share with you something that is extremely important for good sex, but which I have noticed that you neglect – to tune in to the sexual wave.

In our hectic and stressful daily lives, duties, schedules, and problems seem to shoot at our minds one after another like a meteor shower. And if you don’t stop thinking about everything that is waiting to be done, then how are you expected to get aroused? Even if you know all the sexual techniques, there is no way to relax and enjoy.

Because you forget to stimulate the most powerful sexual organ and no, it is not somewhere between your legs. It is your brain and this is scientifically proven!

The hypothalamus is the center of the brain responsible for producing testosterone in the testicles. The amygdala, in turn, is the center of fear. Both areas of the brain strongly influence the way we respond to sexual stimulation in general.
The hypothalamus in men is larger, so they have more testosterone. This explains why men’s sexual desire often exceeds that of women, why men are more likely to initiate sexual contact, and why they are less cautious when choosing sexual partners. So how do we start caressing the right organs and stimulate our brain accordingly:

  1. Sexual messages. During the day when you are separated from your partner, each on his duties, you can take 5 minutes and write her/him a more sexual message. Say what drives you crazy about him/her, what you want to do tonight, or recall something crazy you did in sex together. Just give yourself those 5 minutes and let your imagination run wild. The dirtier and spicier, the better. You will see that as you invent the content of the message, the brain will immediately switch to a sexual wave and you may even get aroused. It will have the same effect on your partner when he reads it.
  2. Erotic books and movies. This is a very effective method to completely tune on a sexual wave, especially if you do not currently have a partner. In my sexology trainings, I also use erotic stories – whoever has visited them, knows that. Here I make two important clarifications. By erotic movies, I don’t mean porn. Also, when it comes to books, I draw your attention to the erotic scenes, not so much to the whole love story, which sometimes inspires unrealistic expectations in women.
  3. Dirty words during sex. I have had cases where a couple comes to me for a consultation and I understand that they do not talk at all while having sex. In most cases, the reason is shame or lack of communication between the partners – they have not shared at all what they like and what not in bed. My advice is to leave your restraints outside the bedroom, run wild, and give free rein to your fantasies. Tell your partner how much you want him, like him, what you want to do with him/her. Dirty words should sound naughty, but not vulgar. So model the timbre of your voice, the intonation, the facial expressions, the movements, the touches you make as you say them.

Once we have learned how important it is to stimulate this powerful sexual organ – our mind, we can move on to other techniques for crazy sex. Join HERE.