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How to Successfully Lose Your Man?

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How to Successfully Lose Your Man?

There are so many articles on how to find your man, how to keep him in your life and seduce him. But why is it then that so many women lose their partners?

Often, when I see at my workshops a beautiful, intelligent woman, who has been left by her partner, I ask her: what rules do you have to follow to lose your man? And you will see the answers below. While you are reading them, notice which of the things on this list, you are doing at the moment and remember that if you have taken this path, you are heading for a break-up.

Steps to follow if you want to lose the man in your life:

1. Start making compromises with yourself for your partner’s sake or in the name of your love;
2. Forget about all your friends and the people who are important to you;
3. Forget about your hobbies and completely devote yourself to your partner. Forget about any development!;
4. Keep letting him know that you are at his disposal;
5. Never let yourself flirt with any other man;
6. Start taking him for granted, and decide that you no longer need to seduce or surprise him;
7. Complain more often, and tell him how tired, exhausted and miserable you are;
8. Make unfavorable comparisons between him and other men;
9. Stop asking him for anything and forget about gifts!
10. Become a workaholic and let your job take up all of your free time;
11. Never find time for sports and entertainment;
12. Devote yourself to your children and sleep together with them instead of with your partner;
13. Dress in old clothes when you are at home and stop taking care of yourself, thinking he should love you as you are.
14. Stop taking care of him and preparing him his favorite food;
15. Forget words like: thank you, you are such a unique person, there is no one else like you, I love you so much. Instead, use expressions like: you are good for nothing; you owe me; I know better than you; I told you this would happen; I knew I couldn’t count on you, etc.;
16. Don’t do anything together, lead your own separate lives;
17. Give as much as you can, give more than he does, hoping that one day he will appreciate that;
18. Try not to be a burden for him in any way and limit all your wishes and desires.
19. Criticize yourself, find some faults with your body and keep pointing them out to him;
20. As often as possible say “yes” to him and his interests and “no” to yourself.

I can guarantee that if you follow these rules, you will soon find yourself alone and you might even see another woman who is not particularly attractive become adored by your partner!

Let’s be honest, we are the ones who create our own problems, so why don’t we stop ruining our lives and begin living in a way that is radically different from the one described by these steps.

Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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