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The Trauma Recovery Toolkit

The Trauma Recovery Toolkit

1 Bundle | 3 Programs

A life of freedom.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards healing? Are you ready to let the past go and step into the most healed, empowered version of yourself? Are you ready to claim back your happiness?
If so, this is just the place for you!
Enter the Trauma Recovery Toolkit. A bundle of four healing programs, this is your chance to free yourself from the shackles of pain, heal your childhood traumas, and find long-lasting peace.

Healing of Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma leaves deep, painful scars on us. And, worse, it continues to twist and bend our perceptions long into adulthood, preventing us from finding fulfilment, love, and happiness. Join this program now and submerge yourself into a process of healing. Trust our working psychological practices and… Uproot the pain. Remove the psychological blockages. Eliminate self-limiting beliefs. Grow into your truest self. And set yourself free.

Regular Price: $199

Healing Trauma From Your Dad
Our relationships with our fathers stand at the core of our success, wealth, and romantic connections, regardless of gender. If you’ve experienced betrayal, aggression, hurt, insults, or any sort of emotional pain from your father, then you, my darling, need to do something about it. Luckily, this program is tailor-made just for you. Enter this safe, nurturing environment and use foolproof psychological techniques to address your wounds, heal the pain, learn to forgive, and cultivate trust moving forward. This is your only chance to be happy.

Regular Price: $99

Healing Trauma From Your Mom
Though our mothers are supposed to be the person who loves us most, they often become the person who hurts us most. Seize this chance to work on your relationship with your mother, soothe the wounds she’s inflicted on you, and find the strength that lurks deep within you. This is your time to go through psychological practices and NLP techniques to finally establish more self-love, acceptance, and trust. These are crucial for your overall happiness and well-being!

Regular Price: $99

Don’t let your past define you. You’re stronger than that. Take charge today.

If you want to enjoy wholesome healing, then purchase all four programs in the Trauma Recovery Toolkit. Do so now and enjoy:

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