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Swelling of body and face with Emilia Belcheva

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This session is perfect for you because...

  • Are you tired of waking up puffy every day?
  • Of seeing bags under the eyes, sagging cheekbones, and cellulite on the legs?
  • In this webinar, I will reveal to you the secret “Why this happens and how to get rid of it”.

What will you learn?

Swelling in the body is based on inflammatory processes in the intestines, which are caused by improper food and its combinations. For example, if you have joint pain besides a puffy face, you do not digest gluten well and it causes inflammation (an inflammatory process) in your body. Swelling also occurs with dehydration, and many people at this point reduce fluids to prevent it.
This disturbs the balance of sodium and potassium, and the consequence is the toxicity of the whole organism. From there, a drop in energy, fatigue, weight gain, panic attacks, and many other problems.

Who is it for?

Each part of our face is responsible for a specific organ. If we have swelling only under the eyes, then we have overworked kidneys, and if we have an angry wrinkle, then we have overworked the liver. BUT we will talk more about it in face building training.
If we have overworked kidneys, we are most likely dehydrated. And here we will talk about what kind of water and how much water to drink to satisfy our thrust but not to wash the trace elements from our body. If you pee more often than 2 hours – then you lose nutrients and become deficient.
Separately, the swellings are a weakness in the calf and pelvis. And this automatically overloads the arterial system and heart. And from there the whole body, not skipping our emotional state.
Remember: Swelling is not the cause, it is the consequence. It is the way your body tells you that you need a change. And in these two hours, I will show you how to do it 🙂

What's the program?

  • Promo package:
    • Get 5 webinars on recording with Emilia Belcheva 
    • Swelling of body and face
    • Hashimoto and Thyroid problems
    • How to have a healthy menstruation
    • How to deal with panic attacks
    • How to have a flat belly

Who is the trainer?

Emilia Belcheva

The fear of failure has always terrified me, but it has never motivated me. I am a person who, if you tell him – “Tomorrow you will die” I will not even flinch. But if you tell me: “Do this and you will live 120 years” – then I will work my ass off! I love simple things! I love saving time! I wanted to combine family, health, and dreams. And I achieved it! I am a mother of two children, a housewife, I start…

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Recorded Webinar



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