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Free! How to increase our female sensuality

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Ksenia will tell you about the female tantric and energy practices. They will help you develop your sensuality, relax mentally, physically, emotionally, remove blockages, and lead you to love your body. We will strip the tantric exercises of mysticism and Eastern exoticism and give you only what really works and can be applied in practice – alone or with your partner.

Fill your life with sensuality, femininity, and softness!

What we will talk about:

⇒ How to love yourself, your body, and your partner’s body?
⇒ How to develop the ability to relax and enjoy life?
⇒ How to switch off your mind during contact with your loved one and immerse yourself in the sensations?
⇒ How to diversify the relationships you have lived in for many years and give them new sensations and strength?
⇒ How to develop your sensuality and help your partner develop their own sensuality?

Tantra is magic, a mystery. The practices with our body give us the opportunity to remove blockages, to connect with our feelings, emotions, to learn to experience new sensations, to build trust in life and in your partner. And to connect with our body on a new level.

The practices involve a lot of touching, breathing, creativity, and a sense of freedom.

Who is the trainer?

Ksenia Muza

I met Ksenia Muza 15 years ago at a tantra seminar in France. Back then, she impressed me with her powerful femininity, beauty, and gentleness. Everything seemed to become beautiful and magical around her. I imagined her as a goddess, a healer, but it turned out that during that time, she was a businesswoman with her exclusive travel agency. Years passed, and she became the person I always expected her to be. She became an energy practitioner, healer, teacher of sacred feminine tantra, women's mentor,…

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Recorded Webinar



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