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Facebuilding – Facelift workouts with Emilia Belcheva

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This session is perfect for you because...

  • Bags and dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles… let’s turn them into a memory!
  • I will tell you about the magic of drainage and we will talk about the causes of the swelling.
  • And most of all, how to remove them!
  • You want life to say “YES” to you without having to fight for it.

What will you learn?

The first impression is made within 7 seconds. In those seven seconds, you can say your name and your face can be seen. This impression determines whether people will work with you, whether they will tell you the long-awaited proposal, whether the door in front of you will open and all decisions will be “YES!”.
There are millions of tests and advertisements for this. How a product with a beautiful face of a woman on it is being sold 86 times more than the same product without it. And this is regardless of the price of the product. This fact also works for LUXURY products such as cars and cheap everyday goods.
During the training, we will be able to talk about which food affects us, why we have dark circles, what the pain in the forehead or lower jaw means. Which area of ​​the face for which organ is responsible and how to unload it. We will work on a mental and physical level.
We will calm the nervous system, detoxify the skin and face, improve thyroid health, reduce diopters, improve concentration, straighten the hump in the neck, remove acne and wrinkles, eye bags, and swelling from the face.

Who is it for?

If you want to rejuvenate your face, to smooth out wrinkles, if you want to raise your self-confidence, to feel valued, confident and beautiful, then this is for you. If you love natural beauty and want to emphasize your beautiful features, you want to be unique, then this is for you.
You want life to say “YES” to you without having to fight for it.
Bags and dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles…. let’s turn them into a memory!
Prepare some coarse sea salt or rice (something you can warm up) and something to warm them in, together with two long socks in which you can put them. We will need them for about 10 minutes.
I will tell you about the magic of drainage and we will talk about the causes of the swelling. And most of all, how to remove them!

What's the program?

Ancient drainage practice
This is a secret practice passed down in Russia for generations from a sorcerer to a sorcerer (a sorcerer is a healer) and from mother to daughter. This is a technique hidden only from the enlightened, seeking secret ancient practices from our ancestors. It works on energy and muscle level at the same time.
Meridians that are connected pass through our body and face. Something like a transport network. By applying pressure to specific points on the face, we work to improve the health of the organs that are connected to this meridian.
When we go for a full body massage then we feel calm. If we have blockages, then our blood pressure increases or we feel nauseous.
The same thing happens with the face. In it, we collect our emotions. Eyebrows are responsible for the heart and arteries in our body. Angle wrinkle is our liver or so-called storehouse of anger. Wrinkles and pain on the forehead are a sign of inflammation in the small intestine. Sagging cheekbones are a lack of oxygen and shallow breathing. And much more.
The ancient drainage technique gives a visible result during its implementation. We find where our blockages are and we remove them. As a result, we release tension in the nervous system, reduce stress, become calmer, reduce emotional hunger, eliminate headaches. This is a very relaxing practice that clears the hidden and suppressed emotions in the facial muscles. It lifts the entire facial contour, removes puffiness from the face, sculpts the cheekbones, smooths wrinkles, reduces adhesions, shapes the face, raises the eyebrows, and opens the eyelids.
DO NOT hang on to your past traumas and emotions! Live lightly! You deserve it!

Training to strengthen your eyes and lower the value of your diopter

  • Do you have astigmatism? What about diopter?
  • Eye pain?
  • Dark circles and bags under your eyes?
  • Do you wake up with your face swollen?
  • Do you often forget?
  • Are you distracted?
  • Is it difficult to concentrate and keep your attention on one action?
  • Is your job related to sitting at a computer?
  • Do you like to read a lot of books?

The problem with the eyes is a weakness in the muscles holding the eyeball. And they are responsible for the appearance of the lower and upper eyelids. You will remove your glasses and lenses, you will raise up your eyelids. You have beautiful and expressive eyes that you should not hide behind the glasses!
In this practice, I will show you how to forget about and eliminate all these problems. How to tighten the lower and upper eyelids, remove bags, glasses, headaches, increase concentration and creativity.
All this depends on the condition of the cervical spine. And on them depends our vision, our hearing, the health of the thyroid gland, the cooling of the brain, its nutrition, and cleansing of toxins.
Give yourself this one hour and improve your health and life, because you deserve it 🙂

Who is the trainer?

Emilia Belcheva

The fear of failure has always terrified me, but it has never motivated me. I am a person who, if you tell him – “Tomorrow you will die” I will not even flinch. But if you tell me: “Do this and you will live 120 years” – then I will work my ass off! I love simple things! I love saving time! I wanted to combine family, health, and dreams. And I achieved it! I am a mother of two children, a housewife, I start…

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