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The Goddess in you

Get to know the goddess in yourself!

Each of us has a huge resource, talent and potential, but often we can’t find it. Why? Because we choose to do the things that others expect from us, instead of what we really want.

Aren’t you tired of being a good girl and pleasing everyone?

In this marathon you will very clearly realize who you really are according to the energy of a goddess. You will find out what is easy for you and what is not your thing, so that you do not invest time and effort in it.

What are we going to do?

Get to know the goddess in yourself!

We'll connect with ourselves!

The energy of the 7 goddesses in combination with practices

Magical rituals and practices to connect with your true self

You will find out what is easy for you and what is not your thing

Get to know the goddess in yourself!

This marathon is a beautiful therapeutic work that will allow you to shine with new strength. After it you will feel a burst of energy, some things will disappear from your life, and new ones will appear in their place. This is a marathon for the brave!

Are you ready to realize which Goddess is hiding in you?

This marathon includes five videos with practices and exercises to develop your inner Goddess!

This marathon includes:

Price: 129$

(5 meetings - duration: 1 hour each)

The Marathon will be live on Zoom. You can join the lectures from the links sent to your email. Or if you missed the lecture live you can watch the record which will be published in Telegram group. You have 2 Telegram groups for this marathon – for the videos and for homework. To achieve maximum results we recommend completing all the provided tasks.

Are you still wondering if this marathon is good for you? Just join the first lecture for free to check this out. Welcome to the world of the goddesses!

For information:

Please note, we can make changes to dates and times if the group is less than 10 people.