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New eBook Bundle

The Feminine Woman, Unfiltered

Are you dreaming to unlock your full potential and live a life filled with happiness, success, and love? Do you see women and ask, “I wonder how they did it?” Do you want to have it all?

Natalia K

Follow its simple 10 steps and…

If so, you’re in the right place. This eBook bundle will provide you with all the answers you need to become a fulfilled, successful, and irresistible woman.

Say goodbye to self-doubt, limitations, and unfulfilled dreams, and say hello to a life of confidence, achievement, and joy.

This is your one and only chance to learn the unspoken rules of feminine empowerment and become that woman!

4 books. 1000+ pages. A lifetime of feminine abundance!

“You often ask me how I rose from rags to riches, elevated my social circle, established a million-dollar business, and became an icon of femininity and sensuality. It’s time I answered your questions - honestly and without a filter. That’s exactly what I do in these four books.”

- Natalia Kobylkina -

33 Days to The Dream is my all time bestseller! Dedicated to revealing the secrets of desirable feminine women, this book will teach you how to prepare for and attract your dream relationship. Page after page, you’ll learn how to:

  • Live in accordance with your own  rules, goals, and dreams;
  • Find out what you’re looking for in life and how to get it;
  • Understand the type of woman you are and the type of men who are best suited for you;
  • Distinguish between different types of men;
  • Make yourself attractive and desirable;
  • Seduce and keep alpha men;
  • Receive gifts and financial support from men;
  • Navigate relationship challenges with grace;
  • Use manifestation strategies to achieve your goals; and
  • Establish the life of your dreams.

Read it now and get ready to experience the most potent transformation of your life!

A Woman’s Guide to Happiness is the perfect addition to 33 Days to the Dream. It not only elaborates on the secrets revealed in the other book but it also dives deep into your journey to happiness. In this way, it helps you…

  • Let go of personal trauma and past pain;
  • Heal your relationships with your loved ones;
  • Forgive people and let the past go;
  • Establish a love-oriented approach to life;
  • Learn to prioritize yourself and set boundaries;
  • Understand how to give yourself pleasure every day;
  • Discover the secrets of joy and happiness;
  • Start living in accordance with your values; and
  • Set out on a mission to reach your dreams.

By the end of this book, you’ll have let go of all that weighs you down and spread your wings, ready to fly! This is your one and only opportunity to master the art of happiness and become a magnet for people and opportunities. Remember: everyone is drawn to joy!

10 Steps to Becoming a Winner is the perfect preparation to extend your success into all areas of your life. Yes, this is your guidebook to developing the mindset of a winner and triumphing over every single challenge! Grab it now and…

10 Steps to Becoming a Winner
  • Transform self-limiting beliefs into empowering ones;
  • Let go of poor habits;
  • Raise your vibration;
  • Develop a winning mindset;
  • Understand what drives and motivates you;
  • Set clear goals and targets;
  • Create a system of reward and punishment;
  • Start implementing your plan to success; and
  • Cultivate discipline, perseverance, and resilience.

Well, what are you waiting for? Seize this chance to entirely transform your mindset, find opportunity in every challenge, and start living the life you were meant for - the life of a winner.

Navigating Success is my newest best-seller on becoming the most empowered and successful version of yourself! Read it now and get ready to…

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs;
  • Tackle your financial trauma and change your attitudes towards money;
  • Adopt an abundance-friendly mindset;
  • Discover the secrets of the rich;
  • Understand your true goals and desires;
  • Advance your career;
  • Start and grow a business; and
  • Take your life to the next level!

This book is perfect for ladies looking to speed up their climb up the ladder or jumpstart their journey as business owners. It’s the only manual that will map out the path to success and ease your journey through transformative exercise, real-life examples, and personal anecdotes.

This bundle is perfect for those of you who dream big, who have great goals and aren’t afraid to achieve them!

I created this for all these women who aspire to advance every bit of their lives and overcome the hurdles that hold them back. If is ideal for you if you want to to:

Accelerate your career growth and achieve professional success;

Break free from self-limiting beliefs and unlock your full potential;

Cultivate happiness, balance, and well-being in your personal and professional lives;

Take your romantic game to the next level;

Find love and establish a happy, healthy relationship;

Embrace self-care and nurture meaningful relationships;

Build confidence and create a fulfilling life!

Well, if you relate to any of these, hurry and grab this wonderful bundle now!

Beware: if you’ve been feeling stuck in life and in love, then this bundle will provide all the solutions to unleash your success and fulfillment. But don’t get it unless you want to absolutely transform your life!

Say yes to happiness, success, and love, and unlock the limitless possibilities that await you!
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