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Christmas Marathon

Dreams Do Come True!

Many know Christmas is a wonderful period. Few realize Christmas has a higher vibration that can make dreams come true.

Let’s use this unique vibration to fulfil our dreams and materialize our wishes!

What will we discuss?

Would you want to materialize your wishes quickly?

Would you want to have a magic wand?

Would you like to flee the realm of problems, fears, and worries?

Would you like to revitalize the youthful joy and vibrancy you lost as an adult?

If yes, this marathon is the right place for you!

What will we do?

This marathon will help everyone, especially those have lost faith in miracles, experience difficulties, and struggle to tackle their issues! This marathon will also be of use to those who have maintained their sense of humour and those who have dares enter the realm of magical thinking!

This marathon will last three days

FIRST DAY - 20 December

We will focus on creating a new realm of wonder on the first evening. That is when we will work on aligning ourselves with the flow of possibility!

SECOND DAY - 21 December

On the second day, we will declare our desires and use some of Simoron’s techniques.

THIRD DAY - 22 December

The third and final day will be all about magic and rituals of wonder!

Please bring the following with you:

We will recharge your life and fuel your dreams with powerful energy!

I ask you to come dressed well, bringing lit candles, chocolate, and cinnamon tea. You could even bring your children; they can help you, too!



The Marathon will be live on Zoom. You can join the lectures from the links sent to your email. Or if you missed the lecture live you can watch the record which will be published in Telegram group. You have 2 Telegram groups for this marathon – for the videos and for homework. To achieve maximum results we recommend completing all the provided tasks. Validity of the videos - 3 months from the date of purchase.

For Information:

Please note, we can make changes to dates and times if the group is less than 10 people.