Four Reasons to Make a Vision Board

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Four Reasons to Make a Vision Board

Vision boards help us communicate with the Universe. Through them, we display our desires and manifest our dreams. Do you think vision boards work? If yes, you’re absolutely correct! Vision boards work wonders! I’ve been using them for years, and they’ve never failed to deliver my desires in the physical world.

The dreams I illustrate on my vision board come true faster and better than expected.

Here are four reasons you should craft your own vision board:

    • Vision boards make you consider your desires. Creating a vision board forces you to sit down and THINK about what you REALLY want. It leads you to distinguish between your whims and your wants. Creating vision boards is the best way to rid yourself of your careless attitude towards the future and focus on what you want out of life.
    • Vision boards unlock your creativity and reawaken your inner artist. Our lives are so busy: we wake up, rush to work and never spare our desires a thought. We stay focused on duty and responsibility. This makes us feel like robots—it blocks our human, creative side and depletes our ability to see beauty in everyday life. Vision boards can help us get in touch with our creative side by finding a beautiful way to represent all our desires visually.

  • Vision boards are a daily reminder of our dreams. Visualization, after all, is one of the most effective ways to manifest your desires. Plus, seeing what you want every day makes you stay focused! With the help of your vision board, you remain motivated even when life gets hard.
  • Vision boards awaken positive emotions. Positive emotion, as I’ve often said, is necessary to help us manifest our dreams. Hence, by representing our dreams, vision boards allow us to connect with our dream life. They evoke the emotions we’d feel if our dream life was a reality! And, as these emotions are usually positive, we seek to feel them more often—a desire which leads us to take action and pursue our dreams!
  1. How can you make your own vision board?
  2. What do you need to make a vision board?
  3. What are some rituals and practices that you can do once you’ve created your vision board?
  4. How can you “interact” with your vision board to make your dreams come true faster?



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