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Four Things Women Need in Sex

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Four Things Women Need in Sex

Let’s face it… we all fantasize about exciting and passionate sex! Yet, few of us actually have it! Statistics show that the majority of people who are dissatisfied with their sex lives are women—and their dissatisfaction is not due to a lack of a romantic partner.

Many of the women in my practice seem to have the same problems when it comes to sex. Women fail to have fun inside the bedroom—they don’t know how to let loose, trust their partner, and get an orgasm! They also commonly experience discomfort during penetration, which further weakens their desire to explore their sexuality.

Unfortunately, such sexual problems cause tension in a relationship. The woman, after all, feels dissatisfied with her sex life; meanwhile, the man feels helpless, as he does not know what he is doing wrong. Eventually, this leads both partners to leave and seek a new relationship.

To prevent romantic fallout, women can learn four simple things, which can help them enjoy their sexual experiences a whole lot more. This is what every lady should now:

  1. What she likes and what she does not like.
    The very first thing you should do to enjoy sex is to get to know your own body! Explore yourself. Notice where you like to be touched. Figure out what excites you. Remember your favorite poses. Of course, make sure you are also aware of the things you don’t like. “I don’t know what I like!” you may think. That’s fine. You can explore your preferences through masturbation. Once you’ve done that, make sure to communicate with your partner. Don’t be shy! Let them know what you like and what you don’t like. You could even share your desires by wording them as fantasies! You could, for example, say: “Darling, guess what I dreamed about yesterday…” Then, describe your dream, your fantasy, and help him fulfill it.
  2. How to enjoy the moment and turn her mind off.
    As a rule of thumb, modern life is hectic. Our days are characterized by duty, stress, and never-ending errands. No matter how psychologically resilient we are, the stress we experience throughout the day impacts our desire to be romantic—and our willingness to have sex. Still, we should learn to leave our problems at the door, to enter our homes with a lighter, more positive attitude. This is not easy, but it is achievable. You could, for instance, learn to meditate. It has been scientifically proven that women who meditate have greater sexual satisfaction and reach more orgasms! You could also allow yourself to have sexual fantasies and read and watch erotica. That’s how you can get yourself in the mood for sex!
  3. How confident in herself and feel good in her skin!
    A woman who does not feel confident in her body is a whole lot less likely to enjoy sex. Stop worrying about how you look. Don’t stress about your stretch marks and your cellulite. Don’t fret over your C-section scar. Don’t worry about the size of your bust. You will never enjoy sex if you’re always anxious! Trust me, no man focuses on your kilograms, scars, or tiny imperfections during sex. If he’s chosen to be with you, he probably likes you just the way you are! Embrace your body. Treasure it. Become confident in yourself and enjoy sex.
  4. How should trust her partner?
    You can hardly have a positive sexual experience if you do not trust your partner. To enjoy sex, you need to feel safe around your partner and have faith in him and your relationship. If you are unable to do so, you should first tackle your relationship problems before attempting to get intimate.
  • If you want to learn how to turn off your mind and relax?
  • If you want to love your body and feel confident and sexy in it?
  • If you want to know what you like and what you don’t like about sex?

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